This MOABE5ZZ1WL-633EVK discovery kit features the new Abeeway-Murata multi-technology geolocation module MOABE5ZZ1WL-633EVK featuring multi-constellation GNSS, WiFi sniffing, Bluetooth LE 5.2, and the last generation Semtech LR1110 sub-GHz transceiver for LoRaWAN® or Sigfox® connectivity. This is the ideal platform to develop your LPWAN IoT tracking application featuring state-of-the-art fused geolocation. 

The discovery kit includes: 

  • An evaluation board with all RF circuitry, GNSS patch antenna, 2.4GHz, and sub-GHz ISM band antennas, accelerometer, i2C, LPUART, UART, GPIOs, SPI, accelerometer and pressure sensor, ST-LINK, and a USB port.

The Abeeway SDK is designed for all module and eval board components, LoRaWAN stack, and a powerful CLI which allows you to test all features without coding.

To use this discovery kit you will need to have access to a LoRaWAN network: 

- For proof of concept and non-commercial use, we recommend our cloud-based ThingPark Community platform which is free to use.  

- For commercial operation, we recommend using our ThingPark Enterprise SaaS production platform (TPE SaaS). TPE SaaS is georedundant, fully managed 24*7 , and provides SLAs.  

For detailed documentation and step-by-step setup instructions for this kit, refer to the Product information/Technical documents section below. 

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Key features highlights :

Powerful and power-efficient geolocation... 

This Abeeway-Murata Module Discovery Kit makes it simple to test all of the geolocation technologies embedded in the Abeeway-Murata MOABE5ZZ1WL-633EVK module and to rapidly develop your own multi-technology geolocation application for Proof of Concept.

The complex task of porting the operating system, optimizing it to the various sleep modes of the processor, and integrating it with the LoRaWAN stack and all peripheral drivers has already been done for you as part of the Abeeway SDK. You are immediately ready to go from the powerful and familiar Cube IDE. 

The Abeeway Geolocation Module is a multi-technology geolocation LPWAN module designed as the ideal platform to develop a wide range of IoT tracking solutions, minimizing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IoT geolocation use cases. It allows your engineering to focus on the use case, optimize time-to-market and cost by using less complex PCBs (all high-density devices being encapsulated), to reduce certification risk and budget, as well as testing time and cost for mass production. This LoRaWAN® fused location module is a cost-effective, ultra-low power, and compact form factor SiP (System in Package) integrating the high-performance STM32WB microcontroller (MCU) with integrated Bluetooth 5.x Low Energy transceiver, the latest LR1110 LoRaWAN® radio transceiver from Semtech, and an optimized arrangement of multi-technology RF engines for indoor and outdoor positioning.  

For all server assisted geolocation technologies (assisted GPS, WiFi sniffing, BLE sniffing) you can optionally use the ThingPark Fused Location Engine, which provides access to public WiFi databases, the patented capable of computing a fix within seconds at low power GPS signal levels, and during challenging indoor-outdoor transitions), solver for indoor location and also sophisticated filtering. The ThingPark Location Engine is available from APIs, or a LoRaWAN interface

Evaluation Kit Content

Evaluation board with LBEU5ZZ1WL-633 module (1) 

2.5GHz antenna (2) 

ISM 868-915MHz antenna (3) 

GNSS antenna (4) 

USB cable A Male to Micro USB Male (5) 

To optimize battery life, the Abeeway devices use the most cost-effective connectivity and integrated sensors to enable smart multi-mode behavior, adaptable to your usage and use cases: 

  • Motion Tracking: real-time position when motion is detected

  • Permanent tracking: regular interval real-time positioning

  • Start/End: positioning at motion start and end events

  • Fix on demand: get position only when needed

  • Activity tracking: monitor activity rate with embedded sensors

...Endless possibilities

Asset tracking and management - Track and trace solution for field equipment.

  • Operate industrial control of your assets by monitoring their activity.
  • Optimize your equipment fleet and detect underutilized assets to avoid unnecessary rental costs.
  • Improve security by detecting theft of your assets and valuables.

Supply chain optimization - Track goods during transportation from manufacturers through warehouses and till distribution.

  • Place trackers in vehicles, pallets, containers, industrial deliveries and enjoy our efficient multi-technology geolocation to get their real-time location in changing environments: using Wi-Fi/BLE in warehouses, GPS and Low Power GPS in urban areas, LoRa TDoA in remote rural areas… using private or public LoRaWAN connectivity.

Personnel safety and security - Ensure people’s safety on construction or industrial sites, ports, mines, and buildings

  • Create geofencing alerts for dangerous and risk zones and give the workers the possibility to use an SOS button alert in case of any problem. 

Livestock location management - Improve the performance of your farm.

  • Equip cattle with trackers to create a livestock tracking and monitoring solution to improve the performance of a farm.
  • Locate farm animals to find missing livestock and improve productivity by monitoring timing and places of grazing.
  • Create a full smart farming solution by tracking farm equipment like tractors and balers to reduce time spent on its retrieval, management and storing.

Description :


Powerful and power-efficient geolocation, endless possibilities

The Abeeway-Murata Geolocation module is a multi-mode tracking System in Package combining GPS, Low-power GPS, Wi-Fi Sniffer, BLE, and LoRaWAN TDoA geolocation technologies, for accurate outdoor and indoor geolocation.

If you do not want to develop your own tracker and the complex edge intelligence required for multi-mode fused geolocation, you can buy the off-the-shelf Abeeway trackers, which are certified by the LoRa Alliance and ready to be deployed worldwide: EU868, US915, AS923.

Abeeway Device Manager

Abeeway integrated software platform is a hub that collects, manages, integrates, analyzes, and visualizes sensor data associated with geolocation information.

This application gives maximum visibility of your geolocation data, allowing changing the rules and related images directly in the application. The setup comes with predefined settings and sample images and allows personalization to respond to your specific needs. The Abeeway Device Analyzer application is automatically set up as soon as the gateway is connected to a network.

All devices are provisioned and will start sending their data to this visual application. Log in and see your connected devices in a graphical interface!

Abeeway Device Analyzer comes with features:

  • Device list management & filtering
  • Position visualization with the ability to keep track of location data
  • Send commands to the tracker to change behavior
  • Monitoring key performance indicators of each tracker such as Battery or Temperature
  • Monitoring radio indicators like RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) or SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio)

Carrier-grade system from the LoRaWAN market leader

Carrier-grade system used by all tier1 service providers and major OEMs worldwide.

Your LPWAN gateways and devices are managed by a fully geo-redundant platform with 24*7 supervision.

Unlimited uplink and downlink traffic from your managed network (subject only to local RF regulations).

ThingPark Community network management console:

  • Manage all the LoRaWAN gateways that form your managed LPWAN network
  • Monitor the network, RF cells, and WAN backhaul connections
  • Analyze traffic trends
  • Manage alarms
  • Create and manage routes to Application Servers
  • ThingPark Community device management console:
  • Manage all your LoRaWAN devices
  • Monitor device traffic and battery status
  • Manage device activity alarms
  • Manage connectivity plans and their associations to devices
  • Access to LoRaWAN network sniffer
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Use Case Asset tracking (network based), Boat monitoring, Cattle tracking, Tracking for commercial buildings, Tracking for industrial & construction sites, Worker geolocation
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