ACRIOS Systems is a custom R&D company with a focus not only on IoT. We provide our customers with custom research and development services, consultancy jobs, and a product portfolio, on which we have used our expertise and experience with the development of various technologies. 

The results of our development have reached Earth's orbit or ocean liners. Other products reached the production line, which makes 5,000 pieces a day. Thanks to our market position, we are able to develop on technologies that are not publicly available at the time. We are happy to use all our experience and expertise on your project. Whether it's custom development or coming up with solutions from A to Z with the help of our products. 

Within our portfolio, you may find universal IoT converters such are RS485, M-Bus, Wireless M-bus or pulse input to LoRa or NB-IoT. LoRaWAN gateways were tailored to fit our needs first, but we quickly found other partners and customers who felt in love with it as well. Last but not least, we work on smart street lighting projects where we deliver either just a part of the solution, or we deliver the solution as a whole.

With our capabilities we are able to bend the existing products to fit your applications, such may be a pulse pattern recognition running on our converter or an externally powered converter with battery backup. We are huge fans of the LUA scripting interface which allows you to do your modifications and customizations as well.

Business Profile

  • Creation year : 2016
  • Country origin : Czechia
  • Number employee : 13
  • Revenue : nc

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