ACRIOS | Battery powered Wireless M-Bus to NB-IoT converter ACR-CV-101N-W-D

M-Bus to NB-IoT finds its application mainly in the reading of electricity meters and calorimeters. The M-Bus converter supports connections of up to 5 UL (Unit Loads) and communication is based on the EN 137 57-3 protocol.
Long battery life of up to 10 years makes the IoT converter an ideal tool for remote energy readings in apartment buildings.

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Key features highlights :

  • Readings of up to 5UL
  • Master or Slave device type
  • Communication speed 300 - 9600Bd
  • LUA scripting interface
  • D-cell 14 000 mAh battery
  • Long battery life of up to 10 years
  • External SMA antennas for high gains

Description :

Wireless M-Bus to NB-IoT converter is a perfect solution for remote energy reading - whether it is from calorimeter, water meter or any other Wireless M-Bus meter. High capacity battery together with ultra-low power consumption makes our converter a perfect fit for IoT applications where a long life time is required. In addition to configuration via a PC application, a LUA scripting interface is implemented in the IoT converter. The LUA scripting interface allows you to implement your own logic (data preprocessing, etc.) within the converter. Payload can be also modified by using LUA script. Please find our Wiki pages to see detailed information. 


Use cases:

  1. Remote Energy Reading: The converter allows seamless and remote reading of data from Wireless M-Bus meters, such as calorimeters, water meters, or any other compatible meters. This enables efficient and automated data collection for billing, monitoring, and energy management purposes.

  2. IoT Energy Monitoring: With its ultra-low power consumption and high-capacity battery, the converter is well-suited for IoT energy monitoring applications. It can be deployed in remote and hard-to-reach locations where regular maintenance or frequent battery replacement is not feasible.

  3. Smart Building Management: The converter can be integrated into smart building management systems to monitor and control energy usage in real-time. This helps optimize energy consumption, identify anomalies, and improve overall energy efficiency.

Specifications :
Seller ACRIOS Systems s.r.o.
Manufacturer Name ACRIOS Systems
SKU 1782-11857
Manufacturer Part Number ACR-CV-101N-W-D
Product Attributes Metering, Bridges
Solution Represented Energy and Utilities, Smart Industries, Facilities Management, Smart Operations, Smart Building, Smart Metering
Power Supply Replaceable battery
Battery Specification (Wh) 50
Battery Type Lithium ion
Output throughput (mW) 200
Antenna External on connector
Sim card size select if applicable Micro SIM (12 x 15mm)
Operating Temperature (Min to Max) -30 °C to +60 °C
Depth (cm) 5,5
Width (cm) 9
Height (cm) 14,5
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Lead-time if in stock (in working days) 5
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