Actility - Presence Detection and Environmental Monitoring Evaluation Kit

Our Presence detection and environmental monitoring evaluation kit is adapted to harsh industrial environments, warehouse storage, retail, offices, and indoor locations. Combining robustness, compactness, and longevity, the ERS device is equipped with an IPR sensor (Passive Infra-Red). This sensor is ideal for indoor infrared detection of the presence and movement of people.

This kit includes one Elsys ERS sensor that calculates people's presence. It also includes 3 months of access to an intuitive WMW application to monitor and configure your alarms and a preconfigured indoor ufispace gateway with 3 months of connectivity using Thingpark Community LoRaWAN network server.

The items included in this kit will help you start your PoC but you can add more items to adapt it and fit your needs!

For detailed documentation and step-by-step setup instructions for this kit, refer to the Product information/Technical documents section below.

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Key features highlights :

Organize your workspace based on affluence

Our presence detection kit is an ideal 27 LoRaWAN solution to measure people's presence in your office or retail space and will greatly help your decision-making.

The solution uses a PIR sensor (Passive Infra-Red) which offers a good compromise between cost, battery lifetime, and ease of installation.

The LoRaWAN long-range technology allows easy installation and the ability to monitor sensors in a very large area with low infrastructure cost. This system has been designed specifically for ease of use and provides immediate alerts if any conditions fall out of optimal ranges.



Typical applications:

- Indoor environment measuring

- Smart buildings

- Workplace management

- Room occupancy

- Presence detection and environmental monitoring


Presence Detection & Environmental Monitoring Evaluation Kit Content

1 x Elsys ERS sensor

2 x 3.6V AA Lithium batteries

1 x Ufispace community Indoor Gateway 

3 x Months subscription to WMW Presence detection Application

3 x Months Access to ThingPark Community connectivity - to connect up to 10 devices and 1 gateway


1hr of technical assistance during the trial period

Add more sensors to your kit!


Description :

Get started in no time with our end-to-end solution

Elsys ERS

ERS is a sensor for measuring the indoor environment. It is enclosed in a room sensor box and is designed to be wall-mounted. ERS is completely wireless and powered by two 3.6V AA lithium batteries. Inside you will find internal sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, light, and motion.​

Ufispace ThingPark ready Indoor Gateway to create your LoRaWAN network in no time

This community-grade indoor gateway is the perfect solution to conveniently create a LoRaWAN coverage around your building. The gateway has an intuitive Web and application interface for easy installation.

It is shipped with ThingPark LRR software preinstalled and configured for ThingPark Community.

WMW: Professional Application to monitor your assets

Through the application, you'll be able to monitor the temperature, humidity, and occupancy status of the environment within a proven UI.

Historical graphs allow the user to see the trend and act upon it using the extended rules and notifications engine,to gain full control of your environment.

This application can be combined with one of our +180 different ones to create a full smart environment.

ThingPark Community provides a dependable LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure to efficiently connect your Low-power IoT devices. 

ThingPark Community is the leading LoRaWAN private networking solution that streamlines the digitalization of your business processes by connecting your most valuable assets with efficiency.

Deploying ThingPark Community, you will benefit from a dependable, secure, and scalable private LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure to enable a wide variety of IoT use cases such as indoor/outdoor asset tracking while ensuring the power-efficiency needed to ensure solutions ROI. 

ThingPark Community streamlines IoT network operations,  providing enterprises with a proficient UX to easily build a multi-gateway LoRaWAN network and feed data to IoT applications. ThingPark Community dashboards provide key operational insights & alarm management.

Specifications :
Seller Actility
Product Capabilities Air humidity sensor, Air temperature sensor, Light sensor, Presence & Occupancy sensor
Solution Represented Smart Industries, Smart Operations, Smart Building
Use Case Indoor environment measuring, Room occupancy, Workplace management
Battery type Lithium ion
Technical documents

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