Actility - Waste Management Solution

For decades, waste management was the simple disposal of waste materials to landfills and other sites. The Internet of Things revolutionizes the way waste is collected in cities by providing operational analytics and route optimization.

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Key features highlights :

Indoor air pollution contributes to both short and long term health issues.


Our ThingPark waste management package is the ideal solution to precisely monitor the fill level and send you alerts when it exceeds the programmed threshold.

The solution uses ultrasonic sensors that offer the best solution when accurate and repeatable distance measurement is needed.

The LoRaWAN long range technology allows an easy installation and the ability to monitor sensors in a very large area with low infrastructure cost.

This system has been designed specifically for ease of use and provides immediate alerts should any conditions fall out of their optimal ranges

Waste Management Kit Content

1 x Elsys ELT Ultrasonic (included)

1 x Kerlink iStation

3 x Months subscription to WMW Waste Management Application

3 x Months Access to ThingPark Wireless SaaS connectivity Management Software



Add more Elsys ELT Ultrasonic sensors to your kit!

Description :

Get started in no time with our end-to-end solution

Elsys ELT Ultrasonic

ELT  Ultrasonic is enclosed in an IP67 box which makes it ideal for mounting outside or in extreme conditions. Use the distance sensor to measure water level under a bridge, trash level in a container, and much more. With this device, you can also measure the ambient temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, and acceleration.

The battery life is estimated to be up to 10 years but depends on sample interval, transmit interval, data rate, and environmental factors.

WMW - IoT & IoP framework | LinkedIn

WMW : Professional Application to monitor your assets

WmW is a hub where you can collect and distribute data. This automatic self installed LIGHT version of WmW offers you diverse features such as location management, detailed pages with history graphs, grouping, and a stacked ruling system to set alarms.

This application will give you maximum visibility of your environmental data in your greenhouse. If you wish to use the application for other purposes, you can change the rules, locations, related images and much more directly. Please check the video tutorials once you are logged in for all available features.

The WmW-LIGHT application is automatically set up once you have connected the gateway to a network. All devices are provisioned and will start sending their data to this visual application. Log in with your marketplace username and password and display your connected devices in a graphical interface.

You will be able to visualize your data in user friendly graphs. The setup houses predefined settings and sample images, that the user can alter or complete and customize to fit their exact situation.

Add locations on Google maps and control each individual growth scenario. The most important sample settings are a temperature alarm and a battery alarm.

Follow the video tutorials to add new rules or change existing ones, for your plant growth can be monitored and predicted by the readings of your delivered devices.

Carrier-grade system from the LoRaWAN market leader

Carrier-grade system used by all tier1 service providers and major OEMs worldwide.

Your LPWAN gateways and devices are managed by a fully geo-redundant platform with 24*7 supervision.

Unlimited uplink and downlink traffic from your managed network (subject only to local RF regulations).

ThingPark Wireless network management console:

  • Manage all the LoRaWAN gateways that form your managed LPWAN network
  • Monitor the network, RF cells, and WAN backhaul connections
  • Analyze traffic trends
  • Manage alarms
  • Create and manage routes to Application Servers
  • ThingPark Wireless device management console:
  • Manage all your LoRaWAN devices
  • Monitor device traffic and battery status
  • Manage device activity alarms
  • Manage connectivity plans and their associations to devices
  • Access to LoRaWAN network sniffer


Specifications :
Seller Actility
LoRa Class Class A, Class B, Class C
Solution Represented Smart Cities, Energy and Utilities, Smart Industries
Antenna Integrated
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Lead-time if in Stock (in working days) 5
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