About Elsys

Business needs must all have their own focus put on by finding solutions which adapt to perfection. Optimizing companies’ facilities or building homes where residents have full control over their environment is now a reality thanks to innovative sensors which create the new concepts of smart buildings and smart homes. For this, ThingPark Market is proud to count with a partner like Elsys, which offers unique solutions of the highest quality.

Elsys was created in 2005 as a spin-off from Umeå University involving several researchers and lecturers from the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics. Still based in Umeå, Sweden, with an expanding team involved in all the design and development steps of their products.

Elsys solutions are compatible with all markets of the world and can connect to any LoRaWAN network. The Elsys sensors support US 902 - 928, EU 863 – 870, AS 923, AU 915 – 928, KR 920 – 923, RU 864, and IN 865. 

In & outdoor sensors

Elsys caters for all business needs, offering different sensor series like the ERS, ELT and EMS series, depending on the specific needs of each project.

Outdoor sensors are normally used in agriculture, industries, water measurement, distance measuring and much more. Sensors which adapt to harsh outdoor conditions can now provide almost any type of information and are customizable depending on each use cases’ needs.

Indoor sensors are most common in smart building and smart home projects. Measurements from the number of times a door opens, to leaks or room capacity are an easy task for these devices.

Lora Alliance certification

LoRaWAN technology is the heart of IoT (internet of Things). Connecting sensors to the cloud and enabling real-time data and analytics communication allows to enhance efficiency and productivity.

LoRaWAN specification is a Low Power, Wide Area (LPWA) networking protocol, designed to wirelessly connect battery operated “things” to the internet in regional, national, or global networks, and targets key IoT requirements such as bi-directional communication, end-to-end security, mobility, and localization services.

Elsys is a proud member of the LoRa Alliance, which ensures that all their sensors are LoRaWAN certified.

Sensor equipment

All Elsys sensors are equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) which allows easy configuration with Android phones. Elsys’ application, Sensor Settings, allows to change the sample rate, data rate, encryption keys, triggers, activation, and much more on these sensors.

Sensors are also equipped with long-lasting battery life and are powered by one or two 3.6 V AA lithium batteries, making sensor installation very flexible, allowing montage wherever needed instead of wherever the power outlet is.

Battery life in most of Elsys sensors is estimated to be up to 10 years, which may vary depending on the sample interval, transmit interval, data rate, and environment factors.

Smart building sensors

Elsys counts with various sensors specially dedicated to smart buildings.

Room sensors are ideal for smart buildings and smart workplaces. The ERS Series offers multiple options to build a perfect solution to measure temperature, humidity, CO2, accelerometer, sound, or occupancy based on motion sense (PIR). Its clean and minimalistic design makes it easy to mount anywhere, like offices, airports, pubic areas, or even homes.

The ERS Series offers a vast variety of products depending on the area where it must be mounted, size, weight, and another number of features. You can find the ERS, ERS CO2 measure, ERS Eye, ERS desk, ERS Sound, and ERS Lite at Actility’s online marketplace, ThingPark Market.

Versatile and powerful LoRaWAN wireless sensors

The ELT Series offers sensors with the capability of solving almost any problem. It counts with an enclosed IP67 box which makes it ideal for outdoor extreme conditions. The ELT series products can measure analog or digital signals like temperature, humidity, accelerometer, or atmospheric pressure, and can handle up to 2 external sensors simultaneously.

Ready to use kits catering for all projects

Elsys has also teamed up with Actility and other partner companies like WMW-hub, or UfiSpace to create different types of starter kits to help quickly solve enterprise companies by buying an all-in-one ready to use kit.

The Elsys Greenhouse Monitoring Evaluation Kit helps monitor and protect greenhouses and the plants contained 24/7 from any location.

Another great collaboration resulted in the creation of the Elsys Soil Moisture Evaluation Kit. Soil moisture plays a vital role in plant growth and provides nutrients. Therefore, it is important to detect soil moisture content for a proper plant development. This solution allows to monitor and optimize water delivery for crops 24/7.

For decades waste management has been the simple disposal of waste materials in landfills and other sites. Now thanks to the use of IP67 casing with an operating temperature of -40 to 60 °C (85 °C with an external power supply), a new Elsys and Actility solution revolutionizes the way waste is collected in cities by providing operational analytics and route optimization through the Elsys Waste Management Evaluation Kit.

These are just a few examples of how Elsys work daily to contribute to a better and easier way of life. All these products can be found in Actility’s ThingPark Market, where new products are constantly appearing to reach all parts of the globe.