About Favendo

Favendo is a German company based in Bamberg. In 2014, Favendo was founded to transfer eCommerce’s added value to stationary retail. Their main challenge was to implement product search, as known from eBay, Amazon & Co., in stationary retail. Searching, finding, and tracking goods and people in the real world quickly became a fascination.

The company specializes in indoor positioning and mobile tracking and navigation solutions. Long-standing customers include SAP, FRAPORT, Hammerson plc, and MSC Cruises. Favendo solutions are used and distributed by Trilux and Phoenix Contact. Favendo created the RTLS Location Engine and indoor location application platform Commander and uses input from partner companies such as Abeeway and Quuppa.

Favendo’s success is based on its international team members’ skills, creativity, and engagement. A competent staffed advisory council and huge market experience are providing support in strategic decision-making.



Currently, their products are designed to help customers locate assets. By providing reliable data, Favendo enables app users to search for this information on their mobile phones and enable organizations to locate what they need more efficiently.  

Favendo is a trusted partner for outstanding Real Time Location Services. Manufacturers, logistics companies, public buildings, and cruise ships rely on them for reliable and efficient solutions.

Favendo is also a partner of the Omlox Initiative. Omlox is the industry's response to the problems that every business is currently having boosting productivity by fusing the digital and physical worlds. Particularly crucial to this process are positioning and localization technology. Omlox, the first international IoT standard, provides a significant advancement in terms of the ideal digitization approach. Different location technologies, such as Bluetooth, ultra-broadband, RFID, or GPS, can relate to the new standard.




Wayfinding and indoor navigation are based on precise indoor positioning with the help of BLE Sensor-Infrastructures. It feels like Indoor GPS. With this software, international customers can make indoor navigation on cruise ships, in office buildings, in airports, in stadiums and multifunctional arenas as well as in large shopping centers. Favendo already provided wayfinding and indoor navigation for:

  • Airports
  • Cruise Ships
  • Train Station
  • Soccer Stadiums
  • Multi-functional Arenas
  • Office Buildings
  • Shopping Malls


Asset Tracking

With Asset Tracking and People Tracking, users always have a clear picture of the location and use of the commodities, products, and people, both inside and outside, down to the sub-meter level.

Users will always have a full picture of the location and use of commodities, products, and people with these high-precision asset tracking solutions. A wearable can be used to locate and track both visitors and staff.


Contagion Mitigation

Favendo helps corporate customers from all industries to secure their businesses by advising on selecting and implementing an appropriate contact tracing health solution for contagion mitigation, a way to protect employees, visitors, and guests from COVID-19. This is a multi-vendor approach based on the “DeCurtis Shield” (of a suite that effectively collects basic health information through facial recognition and thermal imaging to assess temperature via standalone kiosks) Actility’s and Abeeway’s solution for Proximity Detection. The combination of these two technologies offers an effective way to protect businesses in every way.


Outdoor Tracking:

Locating and tracking people and assets are crucial for operations on complex and harsh industrial sites such as drilling sites, open pit, and underground mines. Monitoring is crucial to preventing theft, streamlining operations, and accidents. Using the LoRaWAN network and indoor/outdoor tracking devices, users can react to situations quickly and accurately. Prompt discovery, help, and evacuation during emergencies, lowers injuries and fatalities.


Proximity Marketing:

Proximity marketing or also synonymous with Bluetooth marketing is the distribution of relevant content or commercial offers on the mobile phone depending on the position of the user. These location-based services work inside and outside buildings. With the help of continuous tracking via GPS or beacons, the app pushes relevant offers and information when the user is near a defined point.


Installation & Roll-Out:

Deployment, installation, and roll-out of large beacons- and other sensor infrastructures are part of their services within each RTLS project and can also be booked as an external service. Their staff combines craftsmanship with the necessary specialist knowledge and is familiar with the requirements of different industries. They have been installed in airports, shopping centers, and cruise ships (in the shipyard and at sea). As well as office buildings and industrial environments.




Favendo’s Asset Tracking Viewer is an easy-to-use front-end solution to locate and track assets in real-time. Regardless of any hardware or software. It was created to increase companies’ productivity within search times. The ATV can be used without being integrated into an existing system (e.g., ERP/CRM) and, aside from Asset Tags and Trackers, it is not necessary at all to use hardware or software in addition.

Favendo’s Asset Tracking Viewer is available via browser from any internet-enabled device. Since the ATV is set up on-premises, instead of the cloud, it does not require an internet connection to work. Its approachable design allows it to be used on mobile devices like smartphones or tablets. The ATV works directly on the shopfloor by line workers to locate assets and remotely by management to collect data and improve processes resulting in increased productivity and cost avoidance.

Key Features

  •       Accessible via web-browser
  •       Track individual moving assets
  •       Identify different rooms/areas via geofencing
  •       Clean interface including a map and a search bar
  •       Filter options for trackable & controllers
  •       Complete overview of all mobile assets
  •       Transparency over usage patterns and asset locations
  •       Customizable update rates
  •       Search assets via Trackable ID and/or asset name
  •       Display asset information on click (Pop-up marker)

The floorplan of the business's facilities is displayed in real-time with tagged assets using Favendo's Asset Tracking Viewer. It can be implemented wholly on-site at a business's facilities or on the cloud. It makes no difference if the tracking system is based on GPS, LoRa, or Bluetooth technologies. Assets can be tracked throughout a variety of situations with varying degrees of accuracy by integrating several technologies into the ATV. An asset, for instance, may be monitored from an outside holding area to an indoor production line, then from the production line into a shipping container.

In conclusion, the Asset Tracking Viewer is a simple one-size-fits-all solution that fits most use cases. It is easy to set up, easy to manipulate, and has a great cost-benefit margin.



Thingpark Marketplace decided to partner up with Favendo to bring to you the Favendo Asset Tracker Viewer within the Indoor & Outdoor Asset Tracking Solution Kit that combines the ATV app and smooth indoor/outdoor tracking, as well as an extended solutions with any other technology such as BLE AoA (Quuppa) or use existing hardware for retrofits (e.g. WLAN access points).

You can find it here: https://market.thingpark.com/favendo-indoor-outdoor-asset-tracking-solution-kit.html