GreenMe is a company based in Aire sur l'Adour, France. It was created in 2015 with the mission of helping businesses to ensure they have a healthy working environment. They became specialists in the assessment of the workplace, intending to make buildings less energy-consuming while ensuring the health and comfort of their occupants.  

GreenMe is as much a tech company as a consulting company, combining a human-focused approach with the latest technology so people's wellness is always the objective to be achieved.  

This company places technology at the use of people. Their approach is unique and includes solid principles, through its societal and environmental commitment and its orientation toward sustainable objectives. The approach of GreenMe is exceptional because: 

  • It places the building user at the heart of its strategy. 
  • It objectifies comfort by proposing a multi-parameter measurement closest to the occupants. 
  • It offers intuitive, understandable, and useful dashboards and reports. 
  • It focuses on understanding the behavior of the building and the user within it. 


Experts in the evaluation of the indoor environment quality, help companies make their spaces better for occupants and the wider environment. They have built their own technology for monitoring in real-time building health data and collecting occupants’ feedback, to analyze, transmit and promote a change helpful to everyone. 

Thanks to this exceptional skill, GreenMe is an innovator in creating an effective offer that fully meets the expectations of property managers and Workspace managers who wish to objectify the wellbeing of their employees, guarantee compliance with safety and security standards within the company and reduce their energy bill. 



Continuous monitoring: 

The health, safety, and comfort of your employees are an absolute priority. It is imperative that your workplace is conducive to a serene and productive workforce, and you should ensure that:

  • Continuously monitor essential environmental parameters
  • Objectify the comfort situation,
  • Check compliance

Facility Management:

As a Facility manager, your job is to ensure that the built environment is comfortable and efficient, and to do so you want to: 

  • Objectify the comfort situation
  • Continuously monitor essential environmental parameters,
  • Better communicate with the tenants
  • Optimize your operational costs

Indoor Air Quality:

Your employees' health and safety are your highest priorities, so you must relentlessly measure and monitor indoor air quality (IAQ) in your workspaces and: 

  • Characterize concerns
  • Assess potential sources
  • Tracks regularly the main pollutants
  • Have recommendations for the implementation of corrective actions

Energy awareness: 

Your organization is launching an energy efficiency campaign and needs your assistance in triggering tenants' behavior change: 

  • Search for improvement opportunities
  • Tenants motivation
  • Internal/external communication on the objective

Meeting Rooms optimization:

The meeting room is one of the important assets of a company's workspace. In the current context you must: 

  • Absolutely guarantee that your spaces are safe for the health of the employees
  • Ensure that the meeting rooms are well used
  • Ensure that your meeting rooms offer a comfortable environment for collaboration and innovation

Post-occupancy survey:

You are seeking to measure and improve the way your facility is used and maintained. More precisely, you want to: 

  • Account for building quality
  • Troubleshoot building/use problems
  • Prepare and inform of the modifications planned on the site. 



The GreenMe cube is an indoor environment monitoring device. Among other things, it measures temperature, humidity, noise, light, and air quality. It is designed to improve comfort in homes and offices. Compact design enables installation closer to the users, where measurements are most needed. 

 The GreenMe cube measures at least 10 factors related to health and comfort: Temperature, Humidity, Lighting quality, Noise (average, peaks octaves), Need for air renewal, and feedback. 

 It provides weekly and monthly reports to explain the measures noted and suggestions for the period. GreenMe also offers a map integrating comfort and occupancy data. 


Key highlights 

  • 1.3” reflective display. 
  • Feedback measurement: users can toggle the device right or left to send their immediate satisfaction along with current environment measures. 
  • Custom messages: the screen can display short text messages sent by downlink. 
  • Colorful: available in 6 bright colors. 

Fully configurable: calibration, display, and message frequency are configurable by downlink. 


Application examples

  • Monitor office space.

Multipoint measurements provided by the cubes make the building more efficient and provide the management team with a complete and accurate view of an indoor environment.

  • Diagnose air quality problems.

The embedded VOC sensor gives a relative TCOV value capable of detecting pollutant entry into a space and air renewal. The noise sensor is also very useful to detect when HVAC is running. 

  • Enhance the building's energy efficiency.

By combining temperature, light, noise, and VOC/CO2 levels, building controls can be checked if they correspond to actual usage and adjusted accordingly.

  • Respond to user dissatisfaction.

In order to demonstrate management's commitment, the cube is a useful tool to verify if they take indoor comfort seriously. In addition to helping users self-moderate, showing the temperature on the cube's screen will trigger more relevant feedback. 



Thingpark Marketplace decided to partner up with Greenme to bring to you the GREENME CUBE - AMBIENT TEMPERATURE, CO2, HUMIDITY, NOISE, AND LIGHT, this device will allow you to monitor office space, diagnose air quality problems, display written warnings when CO2 value is too high and make the building more energy efficient.  

link: https://market.thingpark.com/greenme-cube-with-co2.html