About Sensative

We are glad to count with Sensative as one of our partners at ThingPark Market, helping us offer more enablers to make operations become data-driven through the Internet of Things (IoT) and helping tear down system silos, and removing technology’s lock-ins, making data accessible and actionable.

What is Sensative?

Founded in 2013 in Lund, Sweden, Sensative has rapidly become a leading supplier for innovative sensors and solutions in digitization. Sensative counts on an open Internet of Things integration platform and non-intrusive, non-maintenance sensors, providing users, and services with live data.

Mats Petterson, Co-founder of Sensative, was one of the creators of the first mobile phones for Ericsson, a complete game-changer for the communication industry. After years of professional growth, Mats took all his knowledge and poured it into the Internet of Things industry, believing that IoT is undeniably part of our present and will form the way we see the future, and creating Sensative.

What does Sensative offer?

Nowadays, Sensative believes in the power of sensors and data and is here to offer reaction, optimization, simulation, changes, and many business improvements. Sensative, also believes in the need for a good operating system to leverage all the activities data is capable of. Therefore, as well as their device offer, they have created Yggio, the operating system for digital twins, which allows connecting any IoT standard from any supplier, allowing anyone to provide new services that can be installed on any server that runs Yggio.

Sensative has also addressed the problem of digitalization in the physical world. In homes, Sensative’s sensors are non-intrusive and invisible, with an easy installment and an exceptionally minimal maintenance cost, lasting up to 10 years with one battery charge.

What is the use of Sensative’s devices?

Sensative offers quick-to-deploy and simple-to-scale Internet of Things articles developed to cover all sorts of use cases from smart buildings, to smart cities, homes, or utilities, offering extremely high performance.

Smart building use cases offer connectivity, software, and data to enable efficient operations and economical uses of resources. This helps create comfortable environments for building users. Internet of Things solutions helps cut the underperforming of building systems by recollecting data on energy waste, or CO2 excessive emissions, for example. Manual monitoring is still done in some buildings, requiring enough experienced staff to continuously monitor multiple properties. Becoming a data-driven building offers awareness of the state of the buildings, which afterward allows running improvements which help with adaptation, automation optimizing, and premium service enablement.

Smart cities use technology to connect, protect, and improve citizens’ lives, for example in transportation, accessibility, social, services, environment, etc. With an increasingly urban population, sustainable environments where people and businesses can thrive is one of today’s most pressing issues. Sensative helps this city improve through its device offer by helping move beyond just

connected infrastructures and helping reach engaged governments, citizens, visitors, and businesses in a connected ecosystem.

Homes can also get improved by Sensative by converting them into living spaces equipped with programmable devices and sensors which can allow different paths to reach comfort, convenience, monitoring, security, and energy efficiency, among others.

Utilities can also go smart thanks to Sensative’s sensors. The gas, electricity, and water industries can start employing connected sensors, helping them find new business models and operational improvements towards better customer expectations, market regulations, water installations, power demand, transport, and the pressing climate challenge.

Sensative’s kit collaboration with Actility

In Actility and Sensative’s aim to fight COVID-19, they produced a way to help companies guarantee security for their workers while coming back to the office and readapting to normality after the pandemic. In collaboration with WMW, Sensative and Actility have created the IoT Office Space Optimization Solution for office operators and facility managers to comply with the growing need for flexible and efficient office spaces, accelerating the demand for flexible short-term contracts and excellent tenant experience, driving the business from traditional long-term leases to “space-as-a-service (SPaaS)”. In this kit, Strips presence, an innovative ultra-thin (3mm) active IR occupancy sensor for smart offices and buildings, measures objects and people within a configurable close range. The strips have a reporting system which can announce messages like “pending cleaning” when a person has been using a desk, or “available and disinfected” once the desk has been cleaned.

Solutions like this one allow being alerted in real-time to be able to act as quickly as possible, customize sample rates and transmit measurement frequency.

Where to buy or know more about Sensative products?

The market for long-range connectivity smart sensors such as LoRaWAN and Sigfox devices is growing, offering a big opportunity for the introduction of numerous assorted products from many sources, and making it crucial to identify the right product for your system, and making it also crucial to only purchase products from the most reputed vendors in the industry.

Actility’s ThingPark Market is one of the best marketplaces, which comprises the best-in-class IoT systems and articles. On the ThingPark Market, you can find Sensative’s products as well as their detailed specifications which enable to evaluate products further. ThingPark Market also allows to purchase entire IoT ecosystems from the trusted source ThingPark Market is.

Find Sensative’s offer through this link and easily browse their products: market.thingpark.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=sensative