About Sensing Labs

Progress in digital technology and science is astonishing. There is a tech race that has taken the world by a storm and the results are mesmerizingly beneficial for us. Sensing Labs is one of the companies driving this change.


What is Sensing Labs?

Sensing Labs is an innovation-backed company working for a better tomorrow. Sensing Labs are specialized in data management solutions and smart sensor design. Their state-of-the-art LoRaWAN is a sensor-to-Cloud solution that is doing wonders. It is a protocol that simplifies the construction of scalable IoT applications with the goal to provide fast and high volume deployments.

Moreover, Sensing Labs’ B2B market is driven by energy and cost-saving needs. Sensing Labs is the developer of wireless sensor technology. It improves energy efficiency in buildings and paves way for smart agriculture. Combining hardware with firmware and software for easier integration, Sensing Labs ameliorates all platforms enabling data access through one API or IoT protocol.

This company was founded in 2014 with a held backing ownership status. Based in France, Sensing Labs has a financial status as venture capital. Believers in pure teamwork, this company has 9 employees with 4 executive teams. When it comes to investing, this prestigious company is backed by 9 investors.


What does Sensing Labs offer?

Sensing Labs is providing an extremely efficient service in Europe, the Middle East, and Russia. SenLab products are easy to use and fast integrated, including a top-notch data compression algorithm. Their low cost and simple acquisition have high-end battery life, with a plethora of products that add value to client’s life. Some of them are:

Smart metering technology product with LoRaWAN sensors. The metering technology has sensors with pulse input capability for reed switch (dry contact) pulse emitters.

Available in 4 different versions outdoor and indoor. This device includes led and certified by ATEX and has different versions:

  1. PUL-LAB-13NS is used for water metering for outdoor use.
  2. PUL-LAB-13XS is ATEX certified for gas metering.
  3. PUL-LAB-41NS is used for water metering for indoor use.
  4. LED-LAB-41NS for electricity metering.

These are high-precision LoRaWAN sensors with accurate data of ± 0.2-degree Celsius temperature. Senlab T+H has a temperature accuracy of ± 0.4 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the humidity data is ± 3% RH maximum.

  1. TEM-LAB-41NS is to track temperature in offices or homes.
  2. TEM-LAB-13NS can track temperature in harsh environments.
  3. TEM-LAB-14NS/24NS comes with a remote probe for outdoor sensing.
  4. TEM-LAB-34NS comes with a binder connector for outdoor temperature sensing.
  5. THY-LAB-41NS is for indoor temperature and humidity monitoring. 6. THY-LAB-14NS is for relative humidity and outdoor temperature sensing.

Best Seller

Sensing Labs have various products for monitoring gas, water, and electricity consumption which enable users to access environmental data. These products aim to focus on energy consumption reduction by taking the client’s space and comfort into consideration and optimizing the products, which reasons why Sensing Labs products are best sellers and extremely popular in the market.

This product has its reasons to be the Sensing Labs’ best seller on ThingPark Market. It can read the temperature remotely and is suitable for indoor facilities. Users can control heating and ventilation. Moreover, regulation of pipes and preemptive maintenance of machines is made easier.

The product comes with a 1m long cable between the sensor and radio transmitter module. It is waterproof and the range goes from -55 to +125 degrees Celsius.

The product is cloud codecs enabled with magnet activation and LED feedback. It has a data logging with 24 points and radio transmission. The most wonderful feature is the battery life which can last up to 20 years. It is engineered with a custom antenna design that brings the best performance out.


Diving deeper

Sensing Labs provides the best performing and most reliable LoRa sensors. Catering to the use and need of the client, we profess excellence. Some of the products are discussed in detail below.

  • Senlab D-Indoor event and alarm monitoring

It is a smart device powered by the LoRaWAN connectivity protocol. The main aim of this product is to provide security or preventive maintenance needs. It is the reason why this device is efficient and powerful. Working as a wireless device, Senlab D is equipped with an integrated digital sensor. The feature allows it to have an on/off or open/close state detection. It monitors the status of relays with transistors and switches. The device also offers a high configurable information reporting algorithm, allowing to trigger alarms and counting. The extra features include radio performances and rich data content. Sensing Labs add value to customers’ lives with this product. It manages the alert and event systems. Furthermore, it provides building information modeling BIM systems.

  • Senlab O indoor comfort and occupancy monitoring

The smart wireless module features the connectivity protocol of LoRaWAN. Senlab O is designed to log the temperature and relative humidity of the air. Moreover, it can examine the luminosity and presence for better efficiency. The range is approximately 15km and the device is local or public network compliant. It is best for workspace optimization and has HVAC monitoring. The astonishing 10 years of battery life makes this product popular. Senlab O allows edge analytics with an advanced set of functionalities.


Where to buy these amazing products?

These user-friendly and cutting-edge technology products are easily available. You can book the products on Actility’s ThingPark Market, where products are arranged in a particular manner with filters for easier searching.

The platform is the largest catalog of LoRaWAN devices and started kits. It provides long-range coverage of low-power sensors used in smart cities and smart buildings while helping users connect with innovative applications, and providing users with a detailed description of each product for better understanding, making ThingPark Market the best platform for buying authentic Sensing Labs products.