How To Choose the Best Private LoRaWAN Network Server for Your Next IoT Project?

There's a lot of distraction out there from all the hype regarding IoT (Internet of Things). There are even more third-party IoT solutions than ever before. So how do you choose the best private LoRaWAN network server for your next IoT project? This guide will help you navigate through the different IoT products, their features, and their prices — all to find which options suit you best! 

What Is a Private LoRaWAN Network? 

Private LoRaWAN networks are a type of wireless network that uses the LoRa (LoRaWAN) technology to transmit data between IoT devices. They are used to make communication between devices easier and more secure. The private nature of this kind of network makes it better suited for use in industrial applications, such as security systems or monitoring systems. 

The main difference between public and private types of networks is that private networks are designed for short-range communication between IoT devices within an area. While this type of network can be set up anywhere, there are some restrictions on where you can set them up depending on your location and how big your area is. Public network can be set up anywhere in the world, but they can reach only a certain distance before losing signal strength over long distances. 

What Are the Benefits of a Private LoRaWAN Network? 

A private LoRaWAN network is a great way to build a decentralized network that's secure and reliable. This type of network allows you to connect to your IoT devices without having to use an internet connection, which means that you can access them even when you're out in the woods or on a remote island. It also enables you to keep data secure and private by encrypting the data before sending it over the airwaves. 

The private LoRaWAN network has many benefits, including: 

  • Easy installation: Because the private LoRaWAN network is meant for small-scale application deployments; this network is easy to set up and configure. You'll be up and running in no time! 
  • Maximum security: Private LoRaWAN network is more secure than a public network because the private network doesn't use the internet as a backbone—it is completely self-contained. This makes the private network much harder for hackers or malicious parties to hack into and steal data from. 
  • Low cost of ownership: Private LoRaWAN network is also cheaper than public network because the private network doesn't rely on cellular connectivity for data transfer or storage—they simply send packets over the airwaves using radio frequencies instead of using wires as traditional wired networks do. 

The ability to create an efficient network is another main advantage of using a private LoRaWAN network. This means that you can get the best of both worlds—the speed and efficiency of a public network combined with the flexibility and privacy offered by a private network. 

In addition, there are no geographic restrictions on where your LoRaWAN can be located. This means that you can have access to any internet connection from anywhere in the world! 

ThingPark Enterprise and Its Diverse Models 

With the IoT in manufacturing as its focus, ThingPark Enterprise is a perfect fit for a private LoRaWAN network. It's a low-power IoT communication infrastructure that's simple, scalable, and straightforward to run, opening the door to an endless number of applications in the industry. In addition to a public LoRaWAN network, ThingPark Enterprise also supports the deployment of a private LoRaWAN network for application in various industries. 

In terms of dynamism, all the most widely used LoRaWAN base stations work with ThingPark Enterprise. Connectors to major IoT cloud platforms like AWS, MS Azure, and IBM Bluemix are already set up in ThingPark Enterprise server. Connectors facilitate quick, low-cost, and seamless integration, which speeds up projects' time to market. 

Connecting devices quickly and easily is made possible with ThingPark Enterprise, an IoT connection management solution that facilitates the deployment of a private, tightly managed LoRaWAN® network. The sensors, gateways, and data routing of the network are all controlled by a single, intuitive interface. ThingPark Enterprise gives you complete freedom to use any gateways or devices you like. It's a safe and scalable solution that can go from a Proof-of-Concept (POC) to a complete rollout with ease. 

Here is a preview of the various models kit available from ThingPark Enterprise: 


Included in this kit is a gateway that has already been set up and is ready to join a LoRaWAN network. It works well for industrial IoT applications and other small-scale, indoor deployments that only require a single gateway. Everything you need to start using ThingPark Enterprise's private LoRaWAN network is right here. 

Its cutting-edge NS and JS, Device & Gateway administration (e.g., bulk device import, device catalogs, etc.), Node-Red interface, and Advanced ADR algorithms all contribute to longer battery life. 


With the ThingPark Enterprise SaaS Starter Pack kit, you can access Actility's regional hosted low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) infrastructure for an entire year. It makes use of our fully maintained 24x7 SaaS platform with geo-redundancy. Up to three gateways and fifty endpoints can be used with the software license that comes with the Starter kit, and the software is supported with regular updates and upgrades. 

This kit features: 

  • Provides support for up to three gateways (macro-diversity is recommended for all industrial LoRaWAN deployments) 
  • Up to fifty supported gadgets 
  • Tuning that incorporates fixes and improvements 
  • Use of the Actility Help Desk for Professionals 


The ThingPark Enterprise On-Premise (OCP) Starter Pack kit is an annual subscription to the ThingPark Enterprise low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) infrastructure for OCP deployment, complete with proactive maintenance and support. High Availability mode, which allows ThingPark Enterprise to be deployed on a redundant cluster, is available with all licenses except the Starter Pack (primary, secondary and arbiter nodes). 

This mode provides the highest level of service reliability available, guaranteeing that your services will continue to run smoothly in the event of a problem. 


For a single device on client premises, the ThingPark Enterprise On-Premises (OCP) device-based license provides a one-year subscription to the ThingPark Enterprise low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) infrastructure (OCP). With this kit, you can connect up to the listed number of devices to a dedicated support interface, and you can connect to an unlimited number of gateways. 

When there are many sites to support (like retail applications or cold-chain monitoring), but only a few devices at each site, this license is ideal. This license model can also be used for creating network based TDOA geolocation, another use case that necessitates great macro-diversity. This mode provides the highest level of service reliability available, guaranteeing that your services will continue to run smoothly in the event of a problem. 


This license grants the users access to Actility's professional support desk and covers as many devices as the users need, as well as whatever number of gateways needed, are supported. 

This license is best suited for deployments with multiple devices per gateway, such as those used for logistics and tracking or smart parking. As a reminder, we advocate for macro-diversity in all commercial settings (2 or 3 gateways connecting each device). If you want to employ network-based geolocation, you'll need macro diversity, too. 


There is no limit to the number of gateways you can use during this one-year subscription (most suitable for deployments involving multiple small sites e.g., in retail). All the available SaaS licenses run automatically in High Availability mode across a geographically dispersed cluster, providing industry-leading uptime and a zero-downtime guarantee in the event of a service disruption. 

This Core Network monitoring system is carrier-grade; hence it has extensive operations and maintenance functions. Wireless packet logger and spectrum analysis programs are built for simple debugging. 


A one-year subscription to the ThingPark Corporate low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) architecture hosted in one of Actility's regional cloud data centers is included with the purchase of a license for the ThingPark Enterprise SaaS Gateway. It makes use of our fully maintained 24x7 SaaS platform with geo-redundancy. 

A year of this service costs a flat rate based on the total number of connected devices and no matter how many gateways are used (most suitable for deployments involving multiple small sites e.g., in retail). This works with any version of LoRaWAN and any regional profile.