What is Industry 5.0 and how does LoRaWAN serve it?

Human evolutions only grow exponentially over a period of time. Gone are the days when we considered wireless sensor networks, internet connectivity, and Industrial IoT as technological breakthroughs. Smart devices with AI, Data analysis, and Mobility through LoRaWAN IoT connectivity are something we have grown to normalize in this digital area. This growth has allowed industries to look beyond the means of Industry 4.0, where the automation of machines was minimizing human involvement. Industry 5.0 is here with new digital applications where technologies such as LoRaWAN, 5G, HMI, and Exoskeletons would try to strike a balance between human and machine coexistence. 

The new industrial revolution: Smart Industry 5.0 

Industrial revolutions are born out of common necessities across a wide spectrum of industries. Through the last industrial revolution, engineers and innovators deployed state-of-art IIoT automation and AI-based sensor devices. Applications of wireless networks (LoRaWAN, 5G, UWB), AI (NLP, M2M), Data Science, low-power (LoRa) hardware, and Mixed Reality contributed to the substantial growth during Industry 4.0. 
All the advantages of Smart cities, IIoT, and Industry 4.0 have changed industries forever in terms of gathered data, insights, turnaround time, productivity, and automation. However, during this period, one of the often-overlooked areas was the role of technicians or workers. Instead of creating more or better opportunities, AI and robotics seemed to replace manual labor needs. Such industry automation growth would eventually result in a disrupted economy where working-class professionals would suffer. 

Foreseeing this challenge, Industry 5.0 came into existence, and therefore it is referred to as “Smart Industry 5.0”. Smart Industry is not limited to technological advancement; it also puts a significant weight on considering sustainability and human-machine coexistence. The goal of Industry 5.0 is to make technology more human-friendly, whether it is to interact with machines or to offer a unique level of digital customization. Here we will cover the core features & applications of Smart Industry 5.0. 


Offerings & Features of Smart Industry 5.0? 

Smart Industry 5.0 will add a brand-new perspective of growth among carrying the existing value for technology and innovation: 

  • Human-centric technology:

Industry 5.0 wishes to make technological involvement in a way it can benefit users, unlike previous developments that were solely focused on implementing novel technologies. Whether it is an industrial worker or a consumer user, the goal here is that technology complements or elevates the human role in the process. 

  • Unique level of customization: 

Brands initiated the progress towards creating a customized user experience in the competitive era of Data engineering, IoT networks, and Industry 4.0. Industry 5.0 offers to elevate this customized automation for individual users. Therefore, making products that would evolve to be easier and more effective over time. 

  • Cyber-physical systems: 

One can imagine a cyber-physical digital system as a handshake for man and machine collaborations. Such devices would create a whole new level of cognitive interaction applications. Technologies such as Augmented reality, long-range connectivity (like LoRa and LoRaWAN), and Machine Learning will be the steppingstones for a cyber-physical world just as the internet is for the digital world. 

  • Enhancing manual capabilities: 

Bionics & exoskeletons are no longer imaginary. Industry 5.0 promises to build a digital world where technology will allow manual workers to do and achieve greater value like never, just like in a sci-fi movie. Brain-Computer Gateways, robotic arms, and Bionic parts will be the key to the growth of Smart Industry 5.0. 

  • Responsive & distributed supply chains: 

Supply chains are at the lowest layer of growth for any industry. If there is room for supply chains to grow, there is a way to revolutionize industries. Industry 5.0 aspires to make supply chains more responsive by distributing them intelligently. Localizing the production to minimize the fuel/power consumption and turnaround time are the targets of distributed supply chains. 

  • Sustainability & efficiency: 

Technologies like the Internet of things, ML, LoRaWAN, Blockchain, and Bionics are expected to grow further with Industry 5.0. However, the goal here for growth will also complement workers’ efficiency to get rid of burdensome work and perform tasks where humans can create more value. In addition to this, the industries also become very considerate of the environmental effect to control carbon emissions and other such pollutants. 

What makes Industry 5.0 different from Industry 4.0? 

On top of the key offerings of Industrial 5.0, there are a few fundamental differences between how Industry 5.0 will proceed in comparison to Industry 4.0, such as: 

  • Symmetrical vs. Asymmetrical Innovation: 

Industry 5.0 focuses on promoting symmetrical technological advancement where technology extends its fruits to more than any vertical. In contrast, the Asymmetrical development of Industrial 4.0 was focused on a particular or a few verticals while neglecting its effect on vital areas like sustainability or man-machine exchanges. 

  • Mass customization for consumers: 

Consumers are already able to experience a level of customization to some common degree. Industry 5.0 aspires to take this customization to a new level where the entire/partial product can be built or modified as per the preference of users. The aim here is to enable users to purchase the exact item they need. 

  • Creating a cognitive cyber-physical layer: 

Cyber-physical channels exist already. However, without cognitive intelligence, they are only as efficient as any other machine that exists. Products such as BCG will transform man-machine exchanges with cognitive system intelligence. 


How can LoRaWAN help this new revolution? 

LoRaWAN played a massive role in the growth of smart cities, IIoT, and smarter supply chains as a part of Industry 4.0. As such, it is quite promising to assume that LoRaWAN will keep on delivering these promises further. Here are several applications of how low-power, long-range (LoRa) communication will complement the offerings of Industry 5.0 with Actility devices: 

  • Workspace Management solution: 

Actility offers a LoRaWAN-based Workspace Management solution as early adoption of Industry 5.0. This novel solution will leverage technology to allow workspace management across industries. Through smart sensors and LoRaWAN range, it will track worker operations while deriving more data insights. On top of automation opportunities, it will improve the productivity of the entire team for transformational business outcomes. 

Among many technologies, this product comprises LoRaWAN, environmental sensors, intervention sensors, magnetic cards, and Transmitters-Receivers. These different modules contribute to a perfect tool to easily manage workspaces in Industry 5.0. 

  • Office Space Optimization solution: 

Office spaces and working areas are a part of enabling workers to reach their best competency. In our times, the need for an efficient way to utilize office space with a great working experience is growing. Space-as-a-service (SPaaS) is one of the fruits of this industry's need where Actility’s Office Space Optimization solution can be the key player.  

The Sensative Presence device offers a phenomenal 10 hours of battery life while packing an active IR sensor to monitor presence and LoRaWAN. This device can offer insights as to the occupancy of any desk and can alert once the desk is empty for cleaning purposes. Therefore, it allows for maintaining a hygienic, productive, and streamlined workspace. 


If you want to be part of Industry 5.0, reach out now! 

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