Introduction to MultiTech

We are happy to count with MultiTech as one of our partners at ThingPark Market, helping us to increase our Internet of Things (IoT) gateways and providing a deep understanding of the technology each business or organization needs in the Smart Buildings, Smart Energy and Smart Transportation and Logistics. 

What is MultiTech? 

MultiTech is an IoT devices provider, focused on long-range gateways, which works to lead companies into the future through technology, systems, and processes, driving revenue streams and efficiencies through data collection. This company’s extensive technology portfolio is also paired with ultimate design and expertise, bringing unparalleled performance and powering the Internet of things environment. 

This enterprise offers an extensive portfolio which includes sensor and communication technologies, design and integration expertise, unparalleled simplicity and user experience, and products which are optimized to offer the best performance and value. 

Through their offer, MultiTech seeks to enable business transformation by solving problems through innovative solutions, keeping the focus on what customers really need, with high performance, and professionalism at core. 


What does MultiTech offer? 

MultiTech offers wireless products which enable simple, scalable long-range connectivity power between assets, “things”, and applications, using standards-based, open architectures for maximum adjustability to collect extremely useful data, helping companies drive revenue and save precious time upskilling their teams and procedures. 

This company’s products can connect to different networks like LoRaWAN, cellular, or CBRS and private LTE. LoRaWAN, Long-range Wide Area Network, is mainly for battery-powered devices, offering a choice of deployment options and cost optimization for valuable small data. Cellular allows a standard-based coverage around the globe, end-device certified to simplify deployments and expertise to help manage upgrades. Also, networks like CBRS and Private LTE allow wireless coverage to get where no other coverage exists, increasing availability of capacity and offering CBRS OnGo for the United States. 

MultiTech has a vast offer of LoRaWAN gateway products which can be found on ThingPark Market. These gateways provide deep in-building connectivity allowing to connect thousands of IoT devices by harnessing the power of the LoRaWAN protocol.  


What is the use of MultiTech’s gateways? 

The offer of quick-to-deploy and simple-to-scale, programmable IoT gateways have been designed to be a product of versatility and great power. They are the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable gateways for industrial IoT applications with an Ethernet connection. 

These gateways come with ThingPark LRR preinstalled and licenses included, and feature two accessory card slots in the solution, allowing users to plug in MultiConnect MCard accessories supporting their preferred wired or wireless interface. These gateways are great power solutions which have been specifically developed to be quickly deployed, customized and managed, helping companies save time during their deployment. 

In their offer, you can find different versions of their MultiTech Conduit Access Point 4G LoRaWAN GatewayMultiTech Conduit Ethernet 3dBi LoRa for IndoorsMultiTech Conduit gateway for Industrial Sites, the MultiTech LoRaWAN MultiConnect Conduit Gateway, and the MultiTech Conduit SPI Ethernet LoRa indoor Gateway. 

This company also offers two ready-to use starter kits for easy deployment, the 4G LoRa Gateway, and the MultiTech LoRa Gateway Starter Kit. These starter kits have been designed to offer everything needed to quickly get a LoRa proof of concept up and running as well as connected to the cloud. The MultiTech LoRa Gateway Starter Kit has been created to obtain sensor information and to display it in the cloud within minutes after opening the kit’s box. This solution features the MultiConnect® mDots’s and xDot’s Arm® Mbed™ programmable LoRa Alliance Certified™ endpoints, dev boards, reference design, and Site Survey tools, plus the Conduit, which is the industry’s most configurable, manageable, and scalable cellular communications gateway. 

The second starter kit offer is the 4G LoRa Gateway StarterKit-868, which features everything required for Long Range connectivity, from the temperature, light, pressure, and accelerometer sensors, to the cloud. This is a cloud-based toolset for managing the latest generation of devices, also including a Conduit MTCDT-247A Gateway with LoRa MTAC card and all the necessary accessories and network needs, as well as a LoRa module, development kits, and a LoRa site survey box. 


How to implement MultiTech gateways? 

Most of the time, we just search for proof of concept or non-commercial use devices. For this, we recommend our cloud-based ThingPark Community platform which is free to use. ThingPark Community connects the LoRaWAN ecosystems, and the potential offered by the Industrial IoT, allowing you to connect up to 3 different gateways and 50 devices or ‘things” for free on one account, also offering online documentation and blogs on all the latest information. 

This option allows the ThingPark team to pre-configure and provision your gateway(s) on the ThingPark Community platform. If you do not already have an account on this platform, the ThingPark team will create one for you, using your registered email address. 

If your aim is commercial operations,  the ThingPark Enterprise SaaS platform or ThingPark Enterprise are recommended. TPE SaaS is georedundant, fully managed 24/7 and provides SLAs. ThingPark Enterprise (TPE) OCP is specifically designed for enterprises seeking to make IoT projects safe, fast, and simple. 

TPE is a full on-premises platform, available both in standalone or high-availability deployment modes. It offers the ability to gather, analyze, and transform raw data into insights to maximize industrial processes, and is applicable to any IoT use case, allowing companies to grow as they progress in their digital transformation. An active subscription is needed to use TPE SaaS or TPE OCP. 


Where to buy MultiTech products? 

This company’s star units can be acquired through Actility’s ThingPark Market. This is an online marketplace engine dedicated to IoT at its core, through the sale of sensors, applications, and network solutions. Through this platform, Actility enables the roll-out of new innovative IoT services for sensor vendors and network solution vendors.  

ThingPark Market works to offer the widest selection of Internet of Things devices, starter kits, and LoRaWAN gateways and products, to start or complement IoT projects. MultiTech’s offer can be found in the LoRaWAN Gateways section on the menu bar, or simply by typing “MultiTech” into the search bar displayed at the top of the page.  

The ThingPark Marketplace is a global platform which offers worldwide shipment. However, when costs haven’t yet been configured for your destination, delivery will not be possible. If this is your case, there is still a solution for it! Please contact the seller directly. In some cases, the seller will be able to update his shipping rates for your destination. To get in touch with the seller please click on the “Contact the seller” tab on the product page. 

Don’t doubt contacting us if any question or problem appears during your purchase, a FAQ menu has also been created to help you navigate the page in the easiest possible way and to help with frequently asked questions.