Introduction to nke WATTECO

The Internet of Things is taking over the technology developments in times of mobility and accessibility. IoT and LoRaWAN networks are transforming day-to-day livelihood everywhere, from Smart buildings to smart cities and from Industry 4.0 to smart homes. Nke WATTECO is one of the major designers and manufacturers of IoT sensors using the LoRaWAN network. This article covers the complete outlook on nke Watteco's background and its offerings. 


Introduction to the brand: nke WATTECO 

nke WATTECO is one of the leading European designers and manufacturers of smart IoT sensor solutions and data acquisition systems. Being an industry veteran, nke WATTECO offers radio transmission IoT sensors with private or public LoRaWAN and SigFox IoT networks. Moreover, the company offers an excellent range of sensors with various specifications for IoT architecture with 20+ years of experience.  

Furthermore, nke Watteco takes care of the entire development lifecycle for these sensors, including design, development, certification, and distribution. With such consistent growth and innovation, nke Watteco has a team strength of 20-30 professionals in R&D, designing, engineering, and some talented physicians. nke WATTECO has served numerous use cases and industries over the years with their expertise and experience as given below. 


Company expertise & capability 

Being a turn-key provider, nke WATTECO has an excellent grip on a variety of engineering components. To achieve that, nke Watteco has developed a specialized talent for streams of electronics, mechanics, and IT. To dive deeper, this industrial organization carries ISO 9001 certification to represent a start quality practice.  

On the technology side, the company has expertise in the development of smart sensor systems and multiprotocol data collection. Here are a few protocols, including:  

  • The IPv6/6LoWPAN protocol with LoRaWAN (bidirectional, long-range, low-power with dynamic bandwidth management from 300 b/s to 50 kb/s).  
  • SigFox protocol for communication with low bandwidth, low-power, and long-range needs. 
  • Lastly, also the Wireless M-Bus protocol solutions and GSM-based systems. 

These multi-protocol solutions allow nke WATTECO to provide an ideally suited range of sensors for any IoT needs. Some of the categories benefiting from nke WATTECO solutions include Industry 4.0, smart infrastructures, smart cities,  and secure IoT solutions. This article will further address the exact sellers and how one can get their hands on nke WATTECO solutions for your IoT systems. 


nke WATTECO: products & offerings 

An IoT system architecture must be robust in terms of design. To fulfill that, it is important to pick the best grade system components. nke WATTECO offers a set of RF transmitters and sensors that can help build a larger system solution. Here is a list of products offered by nke WATTECO: 

  • Presso Analog sensor: To operate with gauges that provide analog outputs. 
  • Temperature sensor: Measure temperature accurately. 
  • Smart pilot wire: A LoRaWAN actuator to monitor and control operating modes for any electric heater. 
  • Humidity sensor: Measure humidity around the atmosphere.  
  • Lux sensor: To sense the intensity of light. 
  • Predictive maintenance solution: Watch and predict any machine's performance to avoid losses and breakdowns. 
  • Harvesting sensing solution: Measure ambient characteristics in any application with solar energy provision. 

All of these sensors have been in wide demand since the evolution of IoT as they serve numerous applications. These products support a range of IoT communication protocols, including LoRaWAN and Sigfox. From industrial to commercial usage, nke WATTECO sensors and solutions are used for different operations such as electrical heating control, cold chain monitoring, heat pump management, building energy management, smart grid, and smart metering. 


nke WATTECO BoB assistant DENKE1000 

Here’s another detailed exploration of a nke Watteco product to dive deeper into the offerings from nke WATTECO. nke WATTECO’s BoB assistant DENKE1000 is a predictive maintenance solution built for industrial environments. BoB assistance device is extremely useful, especially in setups where numerous machines with higher operational costs are used. 

By leveraging IoT and LoRaWAN, this device can help send real-time alerts based on the operational status of machines. This helps organizations minimize downtime and avoid any operation failure. For example, a regular watch on machines with such a device can track the vibrations and heating of the machines. Through these characteristics, the device can identify if the machine is not operating perfectly. Through AI and other connected devices, combined predictive maintenance or machine monitoring architecture can be implemented. 


nke WATTECO harvesting sensor 

A lot of applications of IoT, especially for smart buildings, smart offices, and smart infrastructure, depend on ambient atmospheric characteristics. Through nke WATTECO harvesting sensor, one can measure temperature, humidity, and the presence of light to monitor atmospheric conditions. Generally, there are different sensors used with each other to gain such insights; however, with nke WATTECO harvesting sensor, one can get these insights through a single product. A handful of field applications can benefit from this device, whether they are indoors or outdoors while getting a high accuracy.  

Some examples of the application of this device would include automation and control in smart buildings, monitoring shipments through supply chains to logistics, maintaining server rooms, as well as various AgriTech use cases where heat, ventilation, and air conditioning play a role. On top of that, solar cells and a wide range of operating temperatures make this device a practical choice. 


Where to buy or know more about nke WATTECO products? 

With the growth of IoT and LoRaWAN, the market for smart sensors with long-range connectivity such as LoRaWAN and Sigfox has grown as well. However, such attention and development of IoT introduce numerous different products from many known/unknown sources. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the right product for your system. Similarly, it is crucial to only purchase the product from the most reputed vendor in the industry. 

Actility’s ThingPark Market is one of the best marketplaces, which comprises the best-in-class IoT products and devices. On the ThingPark Market, you can find the range of nke WATTECO products as well as their detailed specifications to evaluate them further. Furthermore, you can purchase your entire IoT ecosystem from the one trusted sources that the ThingPark Market is. Here is the link where you can directly browse nke WATTECO products: