Introduction to Skiply

We are pleased to count with Skiply as a vendor in our ThingPark Marketplace, to help us broaden our Smart Buttons offer. 

What is skiply? 

Skiply, founded in 2015 in France, is a leading company which provides real-time solutions which create intelligent shortcuts between real life and computer systems so that companies can improve the quality of their service, customer satisfaction, or operational performances. Skiply develops easy-to-use solutions recognised for their efficiency. 

This company has already won numerous innovation competitions each year, and counts with prestigious partners such as Microsoft, IBM, Google, or Orange, and is currently present in 4 continents. 


What does Skiply offer? 

Skiply, has developed easy to use solutions in a smart button format, which have been recognized for their efficiency. Through their solutions Skiply increases processes’ efficiency, and through their measuring satisfaction kiosks, they help companies bring their clients closer. Wherever human factor must be taken into account is an ideal situation to use Skiply’s products. 

Skiply’s Smilio 

Skiply’s Smilio is a device composed of 3 connected buttons which allow to interact with customers in order to get to know their satisfaction level. In the case of a dissatisfaction or malfunction, an alert can be sent by SMS in order to trigger, for example, the intervention of a technician. Due to its integrated badging system, Smilio is able to send time and date staff intervention proofs. 

This device, which can be customized by changing the number of buttons, colors, and many other features, has up to 6 years battery life, and is also designed to be robust, allowing indoor or outdoor installation. Its dual mode allows Sigfox or LoRaWAN® wireless technology, 

Skiply’s Cancellation Button 

The Skiply Cancellation Button, is a device designed as a spin off from their Smilio Button device. This product is composed of 2 connected buttons which allow to trigger an action, cancel it if necessary, and is capable of time-and-date stamping staff interventions due to its integrated badging device. 

Its design and features allow its integration in a wide range of use cases like the collection of customer’s feedback on the spot, evaluating clients-employees satisfaction alerts and reports, triggering of any type of actions, and clocking after intervention and proof of presence. 

Ubioq Key, Skiply’s Dinamic QR Button 

The Ubioq Key technology, patented by Skiply, opens a new world of possibilities to QR codes by adding a proof of presence when the code is scanned, without changing users’ behaviors. 

This product offers a unique code, automatically generated at regular intervals (up to 1/minute) on an incredibly thin e-paper screen. The Skiply server ensures that the code is valid, when the code is flashed. In the case of someone copying a code displayed by a Ubioq Key, trying to reuse it, the system will detect it as invalid. 

The applications for this product are numerous. The Ubioq Key solution allows timekeeping of seconded staff, access to information according to location, machine maintenance follow-ups, and follow-up of multi-stakeholder care and services for the elderly or Hospital-At-Home patients. 


Powering devices through LoRaWAN® 

Skiply has created different devices offering high-performing and innovative solutions to bring companies closer to their customers. 

This achievement has been possible through IoT technology such as LoRaWAN®is a low power wireless protocol for wide area networks. With LoRaWAN®, devices can communicate with IoT applications over long-range wireless connections. It also allows for devices’ batteries to last longer, therefore significantly lowering the Total Cost of Ownership.  

Due to this, Skiply can focus on the creation of solutions for smart agriculture, supply chain, smart building, smart cities, and many other verticals by digitalizing projects and making them easy-to-use and efficient. 


Always keeping responsibility at heart 

Skiply holds strong social responsibility values. This company has defended social actions since its founding, firstly choosing a Rural Revitalization Zone, in the heart of Savoy, for its headquarters from the beginning of their business trip. Secondly, in November of 2019, Skiply joined the French WWF Club to take action against environmental degradation. 

Skiply also prioritizes suppliers committed to an organized ethical approach in line with their values. This is the particular case of ADTP, which assembles, programs and tests Skiply’s smart terminals, employing a 600 people workforce, 75% of whom are disabled. 


How can I buy Skiply’s products? 

Always seeking to accommodate and help their customers, Skiply offers two turnkey subscription package deals for a quick and easy implementation of collection of their customers opinions with 3 years of included services and support. After the third year, terminals pass to their customers who are free to continue or cancel their subscription to Skiply’s data access services. 

Skiply has recently joined the extense group of IoT vendors operating on ThingPark Market, allowing you to buy all their products, adapted to all world frequencies, through an easy and secure click-and-buy platform. If you still don’t have one, quickly create a customer account and benefit from all the ThingPark Market advantages. Find all the answers to any questions you might have here, or contact us for more information.