Reduce energy consumption thanks to IoT and LoRa

Energy consumption has been a concept that is often overlooked even after repeated efforts. Such a poor control over energy consumption reflects the lack of a convenient, suitable solution. The introduction of the Internet of Things and LoRaWAN has revived the hope for an effective low energy consumption solution. This article covers how IoT and LoRa can help reduce energy consumption, what are smart metering solutions and where to find them.

What are the challenges in energy consumption?

The traditional approach towards energy consumption has several negative implications. Here are a few gaps in conventional energy distribution and consumption that must be addressed to optimize the energy consumption:

  • Lack of monitoring and traceability for waste between transmission grids and smaller distributions.
  • Uncertain energy consumption due to the lack of insights towards netload.
  • Inefficient procedures to identify and mitigate faults or errors in the energy distribution systems.
  • Waste of energy at underutilized power energy consumption facilities and systems.
  • Scarcity of data and insights to analyze root cause towards poor energy management practices.

What is the impact of IoT and LoRa in energy consumption?

As per a whitepaper from Transform Insights, it is predicted that IoT deployments will save 8 times more energy than it is consuming. It is because of the fundamental gift of the Internet of Things, that is, it's a simple and unique approach towards resolving any gaps due to lack of traceability and visibility. There are many positive impacts of leveraging IoT to facilitate efficient energy consumption, including:

  • Real-time insights towards energy consumption

One of the primary advantages that IoT devices offer is a real-time outlook on the entire system. Administrators can get direct statistics of energy consumption through the application of a smart metering solution in smart buildings or smart cities. This data could help eliminate any waste or unexpected consumption surges right away.

  • Data-driven consumption predictions

Through the data logging by IoT sensors of energy consumption, companies would be able to pinpoint exact energy drainers and find a way to better facilitate energy optimization. Such data can also be used to predict any surge in energy consumption based on monitoring usage patterns.

  • Maximizing the use of renewable energy

It is essential to keep track of the growth of renewable energy in order to ensure that active efforts are invested from time to time. These renewable streams can grow over time and help create a sustainable ecosystem through IoT & smart metering devices.

  • Effective asset energy consumption & control

Energy can be saved from an asset to an asset. Through IoT sensors, one can track and control any asset to manage its energy consumption. It can help reduce wastages and ease the control for users. IoT can also be used for troubleshooting any energy distribution error.

All these advantages of IoT devices can be better facilitated with the help of a LoRaWAN-based system architecture so that the system will have long-range communication, require lesser power, and can be implemented easily.

How does smart metering save energy?

A smart metering solution is the essence of the advantages of IoT sensors. A LoRaWAN-based smart metering solution can be the game changer to cover vast areas across regions or buildings. Smart metering solutions also allow insights to consumers so that they can stop or reduce energy consumption as required. Entities can also motivate users by deploying smart metering solutions with incentive rewards for lesser energy consumption.

Smart metering also allows instant access to the end consumers as they can get a complete data overview of the consumption on their web or mobile application. Such IoT metering sensors can also notify right away of any compromises or tampering with the metering or energy distribution system.

Examples of IoT solutions for Smart Energy

While smart metering solutions are self-explanatory, there are various ways through which they create value. Here are different examples of how different IoT-based energy metering devices could create value for smart energy consumption:

  1. IoT solution to track the energy usage:

By deploying an IoT-based energy optimization kit, one can find how much energy is consumed at a particular time by a particular appliance. Energy optimization solutions like Actility - IoT energy optimization kit is a perfect example of tracking how, when, and where any energy is consumed.

  1. Estimated energy bills for better budgeting:

Energy bills can be unexpected at times based on the combination of appliances used by a user. Here as well, data analysis and predictions can help users identify how much energy can be possibly consumed based on user access patterns. This would help users avoid any stretched energy usage and better follow their energy consumption plan.

  1. Monitoring and managing industrial supply chain:

Actility - Elsys industrial cold chain monitoring is a prime example of energy consumption optimization in industries such as supply chain, healthcare, trade, and many more. This is a solution that also measures temperature, humidity, and ambiance around any device to make sure that the asset operates in the most precise temperature range in the cold chain.

  1. A complete data overview and notifications:

Smart energy solutions can be quite helpful to remind users and administrators to keep a check on their energy consumption. Through IoT metering devices, these sensors can alarm users or the company when a user is crossing the threshold for their safe energy consumption plan.

These are some of the IoT ecosystems that can yield excellent results for any company or individual to better manage their energy consumption. On top of these smart metering sensor examples mentioned above, they can also offer data visualizations, data analytics, error-free data logging, and much more diverse benefits that can span across the industries.


The need for reduced energy consumption is a burning one as a lot of brands and companies put in their best efforts. It is the right time to evaluate LoRa-based IoT energy consumption solutions for better results. Reach out to us to know in-depth about how we can create value for you.