ThingPark Market at the LoRaWAN World Expo

The LoRaWAN World Expo 2022 has proven to be a great success! The event has managed to gather over 1,400 people from all over the world, bringing together enterprises, device makers. System integrators, distributors, developers, solution providers, educational institutions, and much more, making this event the largest LoRaWAN event ever. Allowing visitors from all around the world to come together after two long years of on-line meetings, to finally rejoin and share common interests.

“This event really marked a turning point for LoRaWAN: it is now recognized as a dependable technology for large scale operations by major public and private sector organizations, like Total or US Federal, and 5G is no longer perceived as a threat, but rather a complementary technology. As a result, the ecosystem is thriving, and the number of sensors presented was overwhelming. Actility team felt very proud to be at the core of this ecosystem, both at the technology level, as the official network of the event, mediating all data flows to Microsoft and other Partners, mediating between private, public and satellite networks, and at the business level with thousands of devices transacted through ThingPark Market”

Olivier Hersent, CEO at Actility 

ThingPark Market at the Actility Booth

ThingPark Market had a prime position at this event being present at the Actility booth. ThingPark Market’s section displayed all of the Marketplaces’ devices, allowing visitors to check out all the available solutions and get information on-site on any questions or help they might have needed. The ThingPark Market designated area allowed people to see a small selection of the thousands of devices available for purchase on our online marketplace first-hand.

The booth also had a separate screen dedicated to in-depth live demos, also showcasing ThingPark Market dedicated demos showing how to easily use the marketplace, become a seller and find any type of product your use case might need.

ThingPark Market Devices in Action

Some of the products available on our marketplace where showcase in live demos during the event.

  • During the whole event, Actility’s ThingPark Enterprise LoRaWAN private network reported live temperature, light, carbon dioxide, and occupancy statuses, using data from Elsys, Parametric, and Sensative’s sensors installed around the facility. The sensors’ values were transmitted using Motorola LoRaWAN gateways and were able to be visualized by using IoThink’ Kheiron Studio.
  • Precise indoor location was shown by Actility and Abeeway experts by equipping 50 attendees with Abeeway’s Smart Badges, allowing to follow their locations in real-time around the venue.
  • WMW Hub showcased its one single centric HMI_UI application dashboard showing different data measured at the event like indoor tracking using zone detection and triangulation on BLE with Abeeway devices.
  • Murata, Suman THAPA, and Abeeway showed the new Ultra-Low-Power Multi-Technology 1WL Geolocation Module with LoRaWAN.

Award Winning Company

Actility came out of this event os one of teh main winners after being awarded 5 prizes!

  • Lifetime Achievement Award – Olivier Hersent: Founder & CTO, Actility; Member of the LoRa Alliance Board of Directors.
  • Distinguished Service Award – Ramez Soss: Senior RF Expert and Wireless Product Manager, Actility.
  • Team Award – Actility and Arad Technologies, who worked together over three years to get LoRaWAN approved by the Ministry of Communication in Israel
  • Innovation Award - Actility, for leading the development of LoRaWAN roaming and being the first network vendor to implement, interoperate, and commercially deploy this feature
  • Team Award – Olivier Beaujard, Semtech, lead; Olivier Dubuisson, Orange; Dave Kjendal, Senet; Olivier Seller, Semtech; Alper Yegin, Actility