ThingPark Market’s 2021 achievements & 2022 goals

Since its creation, at the end of 2017, our efforts have been focused on creating the largest LPWAN catalogue with the best vendors. We are proud to be today the largest IoT marketplace proposing a varied catalogue of LPWAN products.  

Let us guide you through our achievements this year, and how we hope to take your experience with us to the next level in 2022. 


Our achievements in 2021  

ThingPark Market is closing 2021 with a satisfactory 140% growth of the sales volume compared to 2020. This is the result of different actions aiming to diversify the catalogue with a more complete offer, increasing the presence in social media and implementing new functionalities.   

Catalogue diversification 

One of our main goals in 2021 was to reinvent our catalog. For this, we broadened our catalog by introducing starter kit solutions. The 26 solutions that were added to our marketplace are the result of a complete process of refinement and collaboration with diverse partners of the LoRaWAN ecosystem. Our partnerships come from certified manufacturers, and application providers so we can propose starter kits that are aligned with the recent market needs and for almost any verticals (such as smart energy, smart health, smart industry, smart tracking, smart agriculture, smart city, or smart transportation). 

ThingPark Market catalog is composed of 177 worldwide vendors, showing more than 938 products among which 808 are smart devices, 70 gateways, 33 solution kits, 14 services, and 14 accessories, all these compatible with LoRaWAN, LTE, NB-IoT technologies.  

Staying connected 

Another goal for 2021 was to reinforce our social media presence in different social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn, allowing us to reach more customers around the world to spread LoRaWAN awareness, promote our vendors, inform about contemporary trends, and help users with their selection.  

For better communication and dynamism, we have varied our formats with new informative images, blogs, and created different industry events. And the results are there, as we are extremely happy to see that the number of followers in each social media channel is significantly augmenting day by day. 

Tree map and product pages optimization 

To make the page more accessible, and easier to use, we decided to add more granularity to our categories to ameliorate the classification of our products, while we achieved to have a more extended and clearer menu which the last version will be launched in 2022. 

Creating a new feeling 

We felt, through this year of changes, that some of these adjustments should be applied to us as well, leading us to decide on a rebrand for the marketplace that will be completed in 2022. This was achieved by giving it a new corporate image and feeling, by implementing new subjects and an easier to read format on the blog section, updating the images on social media, and making latest videos to inform about the latest kit launches created with our partners.  

A new feeling was also introduced into the newsletter, not only trying to improve the content we were offering, but also making it more visually attractive and easier to read. 

Season discounts 

To end this year’s achievements, we have also joined the discount season, offering unparalleled Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts. ThingPark Market joined the sales by offering discounts of 10% discount on all Actility solution kits, 50% in all the NKE devices and up to 70% on second-hand devices. 


Future goals and projects for 2022 

Since our 2021 philosophy has been focused on changes, we have now decided to change the look and feel of our marketplace. Thus, we start working on a new theme that will modernize our brand image and offer more BtoB functionalities to buyers and sellers.  


We plan to integrate an improved navigation, thanks to a mega menu and the latest version of our search tool.  

Additionally, our homepage will contain quick access to the main categories and best sellers.  

Quotation's tool 

RFQ is one of the most claimed by our customers’ key features. Therefore, we decided to put all our efforts into building a more intuitive quotation tool where our clients can propose special prices to sellers, and sellers can easily validate or modify the quotation.  


Buyers and sellers will now be able to communicate using a real messaging tool integrated into their professional accounts.  

Customer Account 

Buyer accounts will benefit from the new theme lift. We will include more functionalities in our customer accounts to help them in the process of buying through a new comparison tool, wish list, quick login, and much more. 

In 2022, the process of becoming a reseller from the customer account will also be simplified, and we will be able to switch from a buyer to a seller profile in one single click. 

Seller Portal 

To improve our seller's experience, a new seller portal will be developed to modernize and simplify the seller’s enrollment journey. 

Sellers will be able to easily find their credit amount, lifetime sales, average orders, and total product orders on their portal homepage, making the seller portal tool much more accessible than before when information could not all be found in one place. 

Recurring Payment 

Finally, we also plan to introduce recurring payments to our offers. This functionality will allow us to create offers with an initial fee, trial period, and predefined frequencies.  


We hope all these changes show our willingness to improve and are helpful to all our clients and sellers.