Top 10 Smart Tracking Devices

The Internet of things introduces a handful of industrial and personal applications. A big portion of those applications relies on trackings, such as tracking of assets, machines, pets, and even humans. 

This thread covers what is IoT smart tracking, its popular applications, and the top 10 smart tracking devices in the market.  

What is smart tracking in IoT? 

Tracking in IoT creates a wise scope for new applications based on different business needs. Smart tracking in IoT is much more than just positioning with a standard GPS sensor. More than just GPS location, smart tracking refers to accuracy, responsiveness, environment adaptability, and scope for system integrations. Whether it is for industrial or personal use, smart tracking has to be secure wireless, reliable, energy-efficient (long-life battery), and cost-saving. 

What are LoRaWAN smart trackers' capabilities? 

An ideal smart tracker device would be able to track an object anytime and anywhere. That scalability allows smart trackers devices to serve a variety of applications combining sophisticated location tracking technologies such as GPS, Low-Power GPS, UWB/Bluetooth beacons, Wi-Fi sniffing and fingerprinting, and TDOA localization. Therefore, there is a wide range of smart trackers devices in the market which may fit particular applications perfectly. 

Particularly, LoRaWAN smart trackers are among the best choices when it comes to smart tracking devices as they can serve almost any application. With LoRaWAN, these devices can work indoors, and outdoors and also offer an efficient long-range tracking solution. Here are some capabilities of LoRaWAN smart trackers: 

  • Prevalent location tracking; indoors or outdoors 
  • Lower battery power consumption & higher efficiency 
  • Lower cost of implementation 
  • Compact yet robust form-factor 
  • Various tracking modes; from real-time location to access control 
  • The right set of technology provisions 
  • Supporting sensors and indicators for accessibility 

What are the most common smart tracking use cases? 

IoT offers a handful of abilities to smart tracking devices in various applications. Here’s a list of such applications where smart trackers can create value: 

  • Vehicle fleet tracking: 

Managing vehicle fleets can be a tedious task to handle and verify for supply chains and logistics. With IoT smart tracking devices, these vehicle fleets can be managed much more efficiently with far more insights than ever. Such tracking can also play a role in cargo or shipment tracking. 

  • Indoor asset tracking 

Whether it is finding a tool or an important device in a massive facility, IoT smart tracking devices can introduce a brand new level of efficiency. Especially, it can increase productivity for massive warehouses or inventories where there are a lot of different items to manage. 

  • Personal safety and tracing 

Work can introduce a threat/accident for laborers and workers in many areas and regions. In that case, it is important to keep track of workers to manage their activity and make some countermeasures in case things get out of hand. For example, miners can get in trouble in several hazardous situations, with smart tracking devices, you can track the exact location of your workers. 

  • Geofencing construction sites 

Construction sites are vast in terms of area and use a set of equipment and machines. Therefore, smart tracking devices can geofence such areas to identify if equipment crosses the premises or is lost in the massive geographical region. 

  • Streamlining hospital & healthcare facility 

Just like construction, healthcare facilities could also benefit greatly from smart tracking devices. In this domain, location tracking can be a game-changer in finding medical equipment right away. Similarly, a doctor or patient can also be tracked throughout the hospital premises. Therefore, these devices can avoid any errors/delays in medical proceedings. 

  • Pet tracking and monitoring 

IoT smart tracking devices can also help keep a watch over pets or even a herd of cattle. This would help users ensure they can keep a safe watch over their pets and avoid losing them. Here, a wearable on pets and animals can ensure they are within the geofence. Again, LoRaWAN fits this need perfectly due to its long-range GPS competency, indoor or outdoor.  

Top 10 IoT smart tracking devices 

Here are some of the best IoT smart trackers available on the market based on their performance, consumption, pricing, and technical specifications: 

Abeeway’s Compact Tracker is among the best smart tracking devices. To support extensive indoor and outdoor location tracking, this tracker combines GPS, Low-power GPS, BLE, Wi-Fi sniffing, and LoRa TDoA geolocation technologies. 

This device comes with a replaceable battery (3xAA 2.7Ah) that can function for up to 7 years with a reading frequency of 1 WiFi scan/hour. With all the certifications, additional features, and operating modes. 

This multimode Micro Tracker is one of the handiest mobile trackers available in the market. This tracker is perfectly suitable for applications of contact tracing and tracking of assets, pets, or people. 

This device packs LoRaWAN, multi-constellation GNSS with GPS/Baidu/Glonass/Galileo, low-power GPS, and BLE/Wi-Fi for indoor needs. It can offer workspace optimization, COVID contact tracing, anti-theft, and geolocation applications, among many use cases.  

As the name suggests, Abeeway Smart Badge is a badge used for workers' safety and productivity. It is an ID card with multimode tracking using GNSS, Low-power GPS, BLE, Wi-Fi Sniffer, and LoRaWAN TDoA. This badge can be used as a panic button, emergency alarm, contract tracing device, restricted access, and to track attendance. 

Abeeway - Industrial Tracker sets itself apart from other multimode smart trackers devices due to its higher compatibility for industrial use. This tracker offers accuracy, durability, a long-lasting battery, robust built, and lower costs making it the best choice for industrial tracking solutions. 

Ineo-Sense’s TRK Tracer GPS is also one of the best trackers available in the market. This tracker offers a dynamic GPS acquisition system along with a theft detection provision making it suitable for vehicle, cargo, or shipment fleet tracking solutions. 

This tracker is a wearable device that is specifically built to track human movement. With LoRaWAN, it can be used for contact tracing and proximity detection use cases for students, teachers, employees, staff, and visitors. This device as a package offers an organization management dashboard and an employee mobile app. Moreover, it offers a rechargeable battery with a life of 3 days.  

Brining another choice, this one is an NB-IoT tracker, which operates on the NarrowBand network along with several embedded sensors. This tracker device is helpful for applications such as tracking containers, monitoring the temperature of shipments, and any such GPS tracking applications. 

Targeted toward Autonomous applications, Polysense’s GPS asset tracking sensor has excellent provision for location tracking and routing. Moreover, this device offers a phenomenal battery life of 5-10 years based on sampling frequency as set by users. 

This is one of the most affordable yet reliable trackers in the market that supports LoRaWAN, GPS, and BLE indoor tracking. It can also support numerous tracking applications such as theft detections, asset tracking, pet tracking, and many others. 

As given, this is a tag specifically built to track cattle. Therefore, it has a specific modular build suitable for cattle tracking use cases. Moreover, this device offers a battery life of a day and transmits fingerprint or trilateration-based location data at 15 minutes intervals. 

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