What are the top 2021 IoT use cases?

At Actility, we have recently launched a survey to gather feedback on what are considered to be the booming verticals for 2021. It gives a good insight into where IoT solutions will be mainly adopted during this year.

As expected, the IoT technology market is exponentially growing on all continents, with markets set to double or triple in the coming years. The inherent benefits of this technology, being device size, price, energy consumption and network range or efficiency to name a few, make it an unmissable asset for a lot of actors. Industrial, transportation, health or farming businesses are all facing new challenges, related to the environment, pandemics, worldwide food supply, etc.

The ultimate aim of this survey is first of all to define precisely which business segment related to IoT applications to focus on to support our growth. Additionally, the precise identification of major trends will allow us to work on consolidating our presence in the market by expanding our business.


The biggest IoT applications 2021: Smart tracking

In terms of priority, the survey shows that Smart Tracking shall be number one. Smart Tracking may not be vertical by itself, but it is the biggest highlight when evaluating results. It has a great adoption worldwide for numerous different IoT use cases 2021. It is by itself an individual group of Internet of Things applications as a whole, leading us to consider it as a kind of vertical. It has so many potential IoT use cases that it appears as the most sought-after category among the latest IoT industries.


A few of many IoT applications 2021 concerning Smart Tracking

  • Cattle tracking: Animal husbandry takes a lot of different forms all around the world. To deal with such a diversity in terms of livestock, the number of animals, and the size of grasslands, Smart Technology can help in addressing new challenges. A wide range of IoT use cases are emerging and need to be developed in order to make the breeding activity more efficient and safer. Smart Tracking is mainly used to geolocate animals thanks to very small and energy-effective connected devices. Additionally, new applications are targeting animal health with specific sensors, such as in-ear thermometers for example. Collected data can then be shared with a veterinarian organization for quick response and avoidance of infection spread. It is the kind of Internet of Things application that helps the breeder in improving the profitability of its farm and food safety for his customers.

  • COVID Safety Solutions: In order to help people maintain social distancing and to monitor face temperature in real-time, smart devices can also be used. Thanks to light smart badges, an IoT application can be seamlessly integrated into a coworking space with very little preparation and costs. The 2020 pandemic had disastrous consequences on the global economy, but it also made technology companies search for new solutions, often by using the support of new IoT technologies. This is the kind of trend that we should follow, in developing our IoT projects 2021 for the latest IoT industries.

  • Truck Tracking: In a big truck factory, among several thousand vehicles moving several times a day, it is a huge task to continuously and manually update a single-vehicle location. This is where smart devices and a dedicated LoRaWAN server can be very useful by automating this task. Even during the early stages of the building process, wherever the assembly may be within the factory, any truck is identified and precisely located in real-time. This kind of IoT use case can easily be generalized to other top IoT industries. Based on our expertise, we can expand our offer to the transportation vertical.

Why is Smart Tracking technology such a success?

Because of the fact that very little is needed to get any of these solutions up and running, it allows to achieve real-time awareness of moving assets at any point and quickly trace and correct inefficiencies – streamlining field operations, reducing delay costs, and improving customer service. Those general industrial IoT applications reflect a wide common need among industrial actors. To illustrate this point, we can easily think about a big amount of examples. Smart Tracking Internet of Things applications devices can be securely mounted onto moving assets, such as trucks, containers, parcels, boats, and more.

The usual payload of a smart device, besides its connectivity features, is a location component. It can be a local trilateration system or an onboard GPS sensor, to provide real-time space positioning of any tracked object. The associated service and data will be made available for years without any maintenance needed or battery change, thanks to low electrical consumption. It is so small that it is easy to fit it on any object or living animal with no or very little disturbance. As well, it can be adapted in order to protect it from its environment, and make it waterproof, for example. Its inherent robustness as a system allows the customer to have full confidence in its continuous connectivity. It is the ultimate asset needed for a successful Internet of Things solution ensuring transparency, security, and efficiency.


How to deploy a Smart Tracking application?

Deploying a Smart Tracking application, thanks to the benefits of Internet Of Things technology is easy and cost-efficient. Your first step towards installing a successful setup is to contact us for a direct link to our sales team or directly buy the items you need on the ThingPark Market.


More industrial IoT applications: Smart Industry

Industrial IoT applications: it begins with Smart Industry

Smart Industry comes as number 2 according to the survey, in terms of importance. In top IoT industries, this technology is used to track objects in wide industrial areas, such as big factories, power plants, etc. In IoT applications 2021, focussing on these IoT use cases 2021 is a must. It is based on highly customizable solutions, in order to be able to track a wide range of different objects. It includes recoverable packaging, such as containers, pallets, etc., and tooling, being big mobile machinery or small specialized hand tools. All those different applications are in demand in the industry and require a tailored solution.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), being the basis for Smart Industry and Smart Management, provides connectivity for smart factories, machines, industrial infrastructure, management systems, and more. It is the future-proof industrial IoT applications solution to streamline business operations, creating intelligent and self-optimizing industrial equipment and facilities. A number of challenges – related to the management of equipment and resources, the security and safety of people – can be addressed with innovative IoT solutions.


More 2021 IoT applications: Smart Building and Smart Management

Both Smart Building and Smart Management currently have a very large market demand and are perceived to have great potential growth. This is another very wide market in terms of the diversity of potential applications. It shall address critical topics such as energy consumption control with smart meters, automatic lighting, temperature control, or security of the building with customizable access control. The Smart building of the future will be able to ensure people's comfort and safety, and overhead costs reduction thanks to transverse applications capable of using data from different sensors and processing them.

These domains can benefit from wide and mature ecosystems of devices, have natural synergies with LoRaWAN private networks, and fully leverage all the benefits offered by IoT solutions, offering integrated Smart Solutions.


Our offer in the Smart Industry vertical

Industrial IoT applications are very diverse. On ThingPark Market you will find our already developed products and integrated solutions. If it does not exactly fit your needs, do not hesitate to contact us. We will examine your case and offer the best-tailored setup for your organization.


Some help for modern world challenges: Smart Cities

After these three big sections in the IoT Smart field, we need to mention the importance of Smart Cities. Many cities in the world are increasingly challenged by aging infrastructure, where new technologies can help in measuring material fatigue, for example, with an easy to deploy and robust setup. Increasing air pollution requires accurate evaluation of gas levels in critical parts of the city, for its leader to take decisions on traffic, as another example. For this, deployed connected sensors in a wide urban environment are required, making the IoT network the technology of choice.

And traffic congestion, spiraling energy prices, and scarcity of natural resources are only a few examples of the big challenges ahead. To overcome them, cities are becoming smarter every day.

With IoT applications such as waste management, passage monitoring, or water level sensing, cities of tomorrow will be able to address plenty of those challenges. They need a structured approach to better manage existing resources and to make their activities on behalf of their citizens more efficient: this is where Internet Of Things Applications are useful and can be easily deployed in any specific area of the city.

Our teams are dedicated to helping cities with new solutions. If the already available products are not specific enough for your challenges, please do not hesitate to contact us and tell us more about your city.


Even more Internet Of Things Applications

It is also important to highlight the growth potential different verticals of the Smart Market have for the future. It will surely be led by the aforementioned verticals, but it may also show other players like Smart Health. During the pandemic, great efforts have been put into COVID-19 prevention and contamination tracing, for obvious purposes: while vaccination was not yet available, the only way of controlling the virus spread was to track infected people. New IoT projects 2021 may appear in this specific domain.

The global population is expected to grow by 70% by 2050, putting ever-increasing pressure on agriculture to feed the world. At the same time, as land and water shortages are changing consumer patterns, a global trend toward preserving natural environmental resources is increasing more and more. This is a growing market for Smart Farming, where farmers need help to balance demands from producing more food with better quality to an increasing number of consumers while preserving soil quality and ensuring the sustainability of their activity.


2021 IoT projects: What to finally focus on?

After a thoughtful analysis of the survey, we can be sure that 2021 is going to be a year in which IoT will continue growing and will lead us to develop solutions to address our customers' needs. As the world sees new challenges by their nature, due to environmental considerations and the pandemic situation, it clearly appears that IoT use cases are an important part of the solution.

In terms of verticals or domains, we now have a clear view of the market. While Smart Tracking shall be our main focus, we also need to target the Smart Industry with industrial IoT applications and Energy, Smart City, and recognize other emerging smart markets. All this shall be highlighted in our next action plans for the year.

Actility plans to be clear for the year ahead, you may have a question or an IoT project for 2021. Do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries and to tell us more about your business and your needs, or visit our IoT marketplace to have a look at the kind of products we offer.