ACRIOS | Battery powered RS485 to LoRa converter ACR-CV-101L-R-D

The RS-485 to LoRaWAN converter finds its application mainly in the reading of specific devices and communication through proprietary protocols. The converter is widely used in the digitization of production plants and data collection from pumps, cams, and others.

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Key features highlights :

  • Readings of up to 128UL
  • Master or Slave device type
  • Communication speed 1 200 - 115200 Bd
  • LUA scripting interface
  • Supported protocols are Modbus RTU, Modbus ASCII, Profibus DP
  • 220 VAC or 36 VDC power supply

Description :

The universal converter is used as a solution of your applications. With a wide range of options, it can be used in industry 4.0, smart metering, and remote reading or as the basis for your application-specific equipment. The ACR-CV comes in battery powered or externally powered variant to meet your requirements for industrial solution. In addition to configuration via a PC application, a LUA scripting interface is implemented in the IoT converter. The LUA scripting interface allows you to implement your own logic (data preprocessing, etc.) within the converter. Payload can be also modified by using LUA script. Please find our Wiki pages to see detailed information. 


Use cases:

  1. Smart Metering and Remote Reading: The converter can be integrated into smart metering systems to collect and transmit data from utility meters, such as electricity, gas, and water meters. Its battery-powered variant makes it suitable for remote and hard-to-reach locations where traditional power sources are unavailable. The converter's ability to communicate over LoRaWAN enables efficient and cost-effective remote reading of meter data.

  2. Industrial Automation and Control: The ACRIOS converter's LUA scripting interface allows users to implement custom logic and data preprocessing algorithms. This capability is valuable in industrial automation and control applications, where specific data processing and decision-making tasks can be executed on the converter itself. It can act as an intelligent edge device, reducing the need for constant communication with central servers.

  3. Wireless Sensor Networks: The converter can be utilized as a central hub in wireless sensor networks. It can gather data from multiple RS485-based sensors and devices, converting the data to LoRa for transmission to a central monitoring system. This use case is common in environmental monitoring, asset tracking, and smart agriculture applications.

Specifications :
Seller ACRIOS Systems s.r.o.
Manufacturer Name ACRIOS Systems
SKU 1782-11850-2-1-2
Manufacturer Part Number ACR-CV-101L-R-D
Product Attributes Metering, Bridges
LoRa Class Class A
Other Protocol LoRaWAN
Solution Represented Energy and Utilities, Smart Industries, Facilities Management, Smart Building, Smart Metering
Power Supply Replaceable battery
Battery Specification (Wh) 85
Battery Type Lithium ion
Output throughput (mW) 18,6
Antenna External on connector
Interfaces RS485
Operating Temperature (Min to Max) -30 °C to +60 °C
Depth (cm) 5,5
Width (cm) 8,2
Height (cm) 12
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Lead-time if backordered (in working days) 25
Lead-time if in stock (in working days) 5
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