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The tracker is intelligent hardware based on LoRaWAN transmission. It has built-in motion, Bluetooth, GNSS, and other sensors, combined with the external Bluetooth beacon, which can be used not only as a tracking device for indoor and outdoor personnel positioning but also as a Bluetooth gateway for asset location management. It can provide users with location services with accuracy from 1 meter to 4 meters indoors and 5 meters outdoors. Compared with other schemes, the scheme combining tracker and beacon has the advantages of low cost, convenient deployment, long standby time, and so on, and is suitable for the scene with high positioning accuracy.

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Key features highlights :

  • LoRaWAN 1.0.3 compliant
  • The tracker works in OTAA mode and Class A mode by default, but it can also be set to ABP mode by BLE configuration. In both modes, DevEUI, AppEUI, and AppKey, or DevAddr, NwkSkey, and AppSkey, the frequency can be changed by BLE.
  • Indoor location is based on BLE, cooperates with our company localization algorithm, provides a precision of 1 ~ 4 meters, the probability of fewer than three meters is 70%, and we provide a platform for free use.
  • The outdoor location is based on GPS, with a precision of 5 meters.
  • Support Quuppa system, based on the BLE AOA high precision positioning, precision is less than 1 m.
  • 800 mA rechargeable lithium battery, support overcharge and high-temperature protection, standby time can be up to 6 months.
  • Bluetooth OTA upgrade supports batch updates with the help of a dongle, we'll provide the free software.
  • Support iBeacon protocol and third-party custom-defined BLE formats, support for up to five kinds of BLE custom formats.
  • Beacon white list mechanism, scan only specific UUID beacon, support for up to five different UUID.
  • Intelligent motion sensor enters sleep state when stationary, power consumption is less than 20uA.
  • During specified times, such as night, the device can enter deep sleep, and power consumption is less than 10uA.
  • Intelligent scanning to save power, don’t start BLE scanning if move steps under the threshold.
  • In precise step counting, an error is less than 5%.
  • Security Social distance monitoring, the device will sound or vibrate if people are too close, and the distance threshold is adjustable;
  • Support SOS alarm, entering hazardous area alarm;
  • Cooperating with our BLE gateway, badges can work in places without Lora signals, such as the cabin, or shielding room.
  • The badge can also detect asset beacons to implement localization and asset management dual mode.
  • Badge can be set as a BLE gateway, to detect and report at most 50 BLE beacons in one single transmission.
  • FCC, CE, SAR cetificate.

Description :

The tracker supports both BLE and GNSS locations. To support BLE location, the BLE beacons need to be deployed around the tracker, the tracker gets its position by detecting the BLE signal.

If no beacon signal is scanned, the tracker will turn on the GNSS module to get the satellite signal, and vice versa, if the beacon signal is scanned, GNSS main power will be turned off with backup power on.

The badge can work as a Quuppa AOA tag, if it detects an AOA locator exists by BLE broadcast, it will send an AOA packet every 500ms to the locator. The broadcast UUID of the locator must be A3FDED9A-87E2-4C2E-9E2F-5B7A2AC2AF05, else the AOA function will not be enabled. If the tracker is out of the range of AOA, it will stop the AOA function.

The tracker can also work as a beacon, if it detects a special beacon, it will scan BLE interleaved with the broadcast. This feature is designed for a special case when the tracker is in an environment with poor Lora signal, such as a shielded room, the beacon mode can be turned on and the signal can be sent out with the help of Bluetooth gateway, which must be deployed in a place with good signals, such as the gate of the building.

The badge can be used to detect the safe distance of the bearer. When the distance exceeds a certain distance, an alarm is triggered and the contact information is reported.



Use cases:

  1. Access Control: The Ruitec Smart Badge can be used for secure access control in various environments such as office buildings, schools, hospitals, and events. It allows authorized personnel to gain entry to restricted areas by simply tapping or swiping the badge on compatible access control systems.

  2. Time and Attendance Tracking: The Smart Badge can serve as an efficient tool for time and attendance tracking. Employees or attendees can use their badges to log their arrival and departure times, eliminating the need for manual attendance recording. This helps streamline administrative processes and ensures accurate timekeeping.

  3. Cashless Payments: The Smart Badge can be integrated with payment systems, enabling cashless transactions within a specific environment like corporate cafeterias, events, or amusement parks. Users can conveniently make purchases by tapping their badges on compatible payment terminals, eliminating the need for carrying physical cash or cards.

Specifications :
SKU 1884-14544
Product Attributes Geolocation
Product Capabilities Asset tracking (network based)
LoRa Class Class A
Other Protocol Bluetooth Low
Use Case Activity tracking , Tracking for commercial buildings, Tracking for industrial & construction sites, Worker geolocation
Solution Represented Location & Asset Tracking
Power Supply Rechargeable battery
Battery Type Lithium ion
Antenna Integrated
RF Transceiver Other
Interfaces Bluetooth, USB
Depth (cm) 0.92
Width (cm) 6.1
Height (cm) 9.8
Technical datasheet

Ruictec - Smart Badge - Datasheet

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