Comtac AG LPN DI with two digital Inputs DI LIO-02 EU868

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Key features highlights :

  • Compact and ruggedized housing IP65
  • LoRaWAN-technology, class C
  • 2 x DI for potentially free Inputs
  • Power supply 10VC to 30VDC external required
  • External Antenna included

Description :

The LoRa DI/S0 comes with two digital inputs and is ideally suited for a wide range of applications. The idea behind this device is that you can connect any device with an output contact. You can configure the device for two S0 Inputs from a meter device or as standard digital input. The data were transmitted or received from any LoRaWAN network, for example in Switzerland trough the public network of Swisscom. Ideally suited for a wide range of applications such as building automation, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, security, healthcare, smart city and many more.

The compact Size, the outdoor housing and the externally antenna are perfect for outdoor use. The device mounted outdoor gives extra spare if you have bad network coverage. The Input power with 10 to 30 VDC needs to come externally, therefore you don’t have to think about battery lifetime. After the installation, there is an easy procedure with a pushbutton inside the device. So you can check directly if you have coverage or not after the installation of the device.

The status LED’s shows the device status and flashes if a new message is sent or received. Over the LoRaWAN network you can setup the send interval, means you can change the interval every time the device sends an uplink message. A big point is, that the device has inside a USB connection for very easy setup and integration into your LoRaWAN network. Of course, you can use the LoRa DI/S0 device with our comtac cloud. There you have the possibilities to send periodically measurement reports or alarm messages. We do also provide cloud our solution with your company logo or we install the software on your server.

Specifications :
Seller comtac AG
SKU 99-447
Manufacturer Part number LIO-02
Seller SKU LIO-02
Product Attributes Bridges
RF Region EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
LoRa Class Class B
Solution Represented Smart Cities, Facilities Management
RF power (dBm) 14
Battery type Alkaline AA
Output throughput (mW) 20
Antenna External on connector
RF transceiver SX1272
Interfaces Ethernet
Other interfaces 2 digital Inputs
Micro-USB for LoRa setup
4 status LED's
Buttons for configuration Tests
Depth (cm) 6.4
Width (cm) 5.8
Height (cm) 3.4
Technical datasheet
Lead-time if backordered (in working days) 40
Lead-time if in Stock (in working days) 5
Specific commercial conditions

Default configuration: ABP (OTAA also possible)

Seller conditions Seller commercial condition
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COMTAC AG LPN DI WITH TWO SOLID STATE OUTPUTS DI LIO-02 EU868 I have a question regarding your LoRa sensor with 2 digital inputs. What means S0 in accordance with the input slots? With this device I can count signal on/off state information and deliver it via LoraWAN, right?

Answer : Hi Hasu, correct, S0 means special Inputs which supply’s an external Optocoupler like there are used in power meters. A classical DI means the voltage comes to the input from external. This device count’s the pulses correct and sends it in a desired intervall periodically over LoRaWAN. It’s also possible that the device sends on event of an Input. Depending on your usecase. Regards

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