LifePlus - Dona care evaluation kit for Senior facilities

Dona Care secures elderly people in senior facilities and helps caregivers in their day-to-day tasks. 

The solution can automatically detect anomalies such as falls, runaways, forbidden area entry, and unhabitual activity,...Manual SOS can easily be sent too.

In case of a problem, the location of the elderly is sent to caregivers: both indoor thanks to beacons and outdoor (GPS integrated).

The solution can also help people stay autonomous longer thanks to a physical activity virtual coaching.

Our cloud platform is used by the staff of senior facilities to manage the whole solution: alerts and residents, material tracking, set up,... A smartwatch, for the resident, is included in our kit.

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Key features highlights :

Dona Care secures the elderly and helps them stay autonomous longer while supporting staff in their day-to-day tasks.

Main functionalities are:
  • Manual SOS
  • Automatic fall detection
  • Runaway and wandering detections
  • Out of area or in the forbidden area
  • Precise localization both indoor and outdoor
  • Physical activity coaching: number of steps, global and active walking, daily goals, and monthly summary,... 


Everything can be managed through our cloud platform, dedicated to the staff.

Alerts can be set up on the interface and are all centralized to offer a global view of all events: kind of alert, sent by who, when, who took care of the person in difficulty, when…

Alerts can be sent thanks to several channels (phone, smartphone, emails,...) according to customer preference, and managed on the cloud platform. An alert escalation process can be set up too to meet the team organization.

Low battery and watch not worn alerts can be set up too without our platform to ensure smooth functioning. 

The solution is easy to implement, without significant work.

Our starter kit includes: 

1x L+ smartwatch

4x L+ beacons

3 months of subscription to Life Plus Application

3 months of ThingPark Enterprise Connectivity


1x Ufispace Indoor Gateway

Description :

The solution is autonomous and can be easily deployed in senior facilities

This kit is designed to test our support solution before implementing it in organizations. 

For instance, to equip a "classic" senior facility, with around 100 apartments, you will require approximately 500 beacons, 6 gateways, and 4 WUGs to keep the solution up to date. You will also need 100 smartwatches for residents and 1 tablet for the alert dashboard dedicated to the staff. These fittings can vary according to the building configuration; therefore, Life Plus needs to carry out a specific study to determine the necessary equipment (i.e. number of beacons, gateways,...




Life Plus improves the well-being and health of young people over 65 with the prevention, assistance et telemonitoring solutions. The solution is made in France and has been co-developed with health professionals. The solution is already deployed in 7 countries.

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Specifications :
Seller Life Plus
Manufacturer Name Life Plus Dona Care
SKU 49-12953
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LoRa Class Class A
Solution Represented Health, Daily Life
Use Case Activity Tracking , Fall Detection, Runaway Detection, SOS Alarm
Antenna Integrated
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Lead-time if in stock (in working days) 5
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