1 hour support for ThingPark Community users

Allows Community users to get 1 hour of direct support using tickets or emails. This includes gateways, devices, connectivity troubleshooting, account problems, bug fixes, outage root cause identification, and more.

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Description :

Helping ThingPark Community Users

ThingPark Community - Connecting the LoRaWAN™ ecosystem

ThingPark Community is a portal that provides its members with free-of-charge access to the best LPWAN network management platform in the world – Actility’s ThingPark – for their non-profit use, also providing guidance on how to set up your first IoT LoRaWAN use case to show this powerful technology in action.

Whoever you are – a hardware/app/solution developer, a system integrator, a vendor, a distributor, a consultant, or an academic – ThingPark Community is here to introduce you to LoRaWAN® and provide you with valuable online resources. With free access to ThingPark’s services, you will learn and experience LoRaWAN® from basic to advanced levels and develop your complete solution in no time! 

We offer 1 hour of support for Community users to get direct help using either tickets or emails. We know it's important to get your PoC project to work as quickly as possible, but something just isn't going right. Or in any other situation when you need a quick way to contact our support team directly, we've got you covered.

We guarantee that the customer will receive a response and their problem will start being investigated in no more than 18 business hours*

*CET (Paris).

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