Wyres Evaluation Kit

Wyres Evaluation Kit

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Description :

As an IoT expert, Wyres eases the integration of indoor geolocation into companies by making the implementation simpler:

  • Combining appropriate geolocation technologies to provide the suitable solution according to specific needs
  • Designing the easiest deployment system possible, including totally cable-free beacons (fixed points) and tags (mobile elements)
  • Gathering all the information in the Wyres Cloud and process it with our powerful algorithms to provide high level accurate data appropriate to the application
  • Managing data through standards-based  Web interfaces and REST APIs

How does that work? 

LoRa and LE an Beacons provide fixed points of reference for the system, installed on walls or pillars of buildings. They enable the positioning of the mobile LoRa/BLE Tags. LoRa and BLE Beacons broadcast their IDs by radio, and the LoRa Tags send this information to the Wyres Cloud Computing center via a LoRaWAN Network. Location and environmental data is then available through Wyres admin interface or through a set of REST APIs.

What's in the Evaluation Kit ? 

Wyres Evaluation kit provides all the components for building a small case-case simlulation, based on Actility LoRa Network server. 

  • 10 LoRa beacons 
  • 4 BLE Beacons 
  • 4 LoRa / BLE tags 
  • A LoRa/4G gateway with Actility LNS
  • The access for 1 year to GLM interface and to REST APIs
  • Support for settings and installation

You'll be able to test Wyres solution over 2 000m² and to evaluate Bluetooth Low Energy and LoRa FSK technologies individually or both at the same time according to your use cases.

Specifications :
SKU 346-Evaluation Kit
Seller WYRES
RF Region EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
Seller conditions Seller commercial condition
Additional information :


Access to WYRES geolocationservice cloud platform: GLM applications and APIs



Yes, private connectivity



3 hours assistance for installation and usage

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