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eVineyard Integrated Pest Management package helps reduce the number of pesticide applications and convert to a more ecological production in the vineyard but stay on the safe side with downy mildew, powdery mildew, botrytis and other diseases. eVineyard IPM is one of the most advanced decision support systems, available on the market today.

Together with eVineyard IPM module, we recommend you to purchase an eVineyard plug-and-play weather station, produced by Libelium, in order to get precise microclimate data directly from your vineyard.
The weather station can measure:
- air temperature
- humidity
- rainfall
- wind speed and direction
- leaf wetness
The weather station is completely autonomous and only requires cellular signal on the location. It has a battery and solar panel, so once installed, it does not require any special maintenance.

*Upgrade available.

eVineyard is a complete software platform for vineyard management, used by wineries of all sizes, from the smallest ones up to some of the biggest ones in certain countries. eVineyard consists of a number of modules, each module helping growers with one of the tasks. eVineyard IPM package is a package of eVineyard modules, suited for winegrowers who want to optimize their pesticide applications.

eVineyard obtains data from plug-and-play sensors devices, such as Vinduino or Libelium, and processes it with our award-winning, learning models for agriculture, to present grower with an actionable advice when to apply pesticides. Being in productive use for a number of years, the system is praised by the professional winegrowers managing different sizes of vineyard, for it's usefulness.

eVineyard IPM package allows growers to keep all data about the vineyard and their activities in one place, get personalized disease pressure information and spraying recommendation of unmatched accuracy on a vineyard-block level, get to know their own cost structure of vineyard management, predict workloads and plan their activities, and visualize their work on the map.

The deployment of eVineyard is extremely simple, and can be done by the farmer himself, provided that there is a network coverage and that the correct sensor node is sent to the farmer.

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