• What are the payment methods supported by Thingpark Market?

    ThingPark Market supports Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard). We also accept other specific local bank and SEPA transfers.

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  • How long will take my SEPA payment to be processed?

    When you place an order using SEPA Direct debit, you will be requested at the checkout step to accept the mandate to collect the funds from your account.

    Your order will then be processed as soon as the money is collected by...
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  • How is my tax calculated?

    Taxes are calculated depending on where the seller is located, the shiping destination and whether you have a VAT registration number or not.

    For example, if you are placing an order inside the EU to an European seller your ...
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  • How ThingPark Market protects my payments?

    ThingPark Market does not directly process your credit card detail / bank account data nor store any cash in its books.

    Alternately, we resort to Payment Gateway Providers that are granted a Payment Institution licence by Eu...
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  • What currency conversion rate is applied?

    By default, the prices are set in Euros. However, you can also choose to convert the prices in US Dollars, in that case the applied rate will be 1 EUR = 1.17USD.

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  • What does the pricing include?

    Transaction price includes merchandise price excluding VAT + shipping to final destination, as a minimum.

    Depending on where the seller is located and whether you have a VAT registration number, transaction will also include...
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  • What does the pricing not include?

    Transaction price does not include the following fees:

    - In most cases, VAT & Import Tax will be left at buyer’s expense at a later stage, usually when transportation carrier is delivering goods at your place for interna...
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  • How does the payment workflow work in ThingPark Market?

    When you make a payment on ThingPark Market, you pay this amount to sellers, who are responsible for sale-related aspects.

    ThingPark only helps to interface buyers with sellers and process the financial flow.

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  • Why was my payment declined?

    A payment can be declined for 2 main reasons :

    - Your bank information is incorrect or invalid

    - Your bank rejected the payment.

    After having verified the accuracy of your bank inf...
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