• How can I get more information about my product?

    If you think the product information is not complete enough or if you have any questions about a specific product feature please contact the seller. To do so, you only need to click in the right button "Contact the seller" from the product page a...
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  • Do devices include connectivity?

    No, our devices are compliant to the LoRaWAN protocol, however they do not include connectivity.

    Nevertheless, if your wish is to test the devices using the LoRaWAN technology you can create a developer account in our ThinkPark Developer ...
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  • Which frequency band should I select?

    Before purchasing an item please make sure that it is compatible with your local frequency band. You can refer to the table below:

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  • Why some devices do not include batteries?

    As the regulation for transporting, lithium batteries have been enforced some of our sellers (specially from Asia) not to include batteries in their devices. If you have any doubts or questions, please don't hesitate to confirm with the seller if...
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  • Can I use my devices with other LPWAN platforms rather than ThingPark wireless?

    Our devices are compliant to the LoRAWAN protocol and certified ThingPark connected, which mean that they will work in our ThingPark ecosystem.

    If you are planning to use them in any other platform please be aware that we wo...
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