Gimasi Starter Kit Tunio 1 Arduino Compatible Board & LR1 LoRa module TUINO1_LR1_KIT EU868

Start your IoT project with this Dev Kit.  Suitable for  DIY developer and R&D engineers.  Includes: Tuino 1, GMX-LR1 LoRa Module, Temperature Sensor (with Push Button, Relay, OLED Display) (4 sensors/ actuators), 2 Antennas, Plexiglass and more

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Key features highlights :

  • Includes: Tuino 1, GMX-LR1 LoRa Module, Temperature Sensor (with Push Button, Relay, OLED Display) (4 sensors/ actuators)
    2 Antennas, Plexiglass and more
  • ATMega1284P processor - which has 128K of FLASH and 16Kb of RAM. You can now build much more complex sketches.
  • 5/3.3V switch - use 3.3V sensors without any problem.
  • GROVE connectors - no need for external shields to add sensors.
  • RTC with battery back up - always useful in an IoT application.
  • NFC chip - leverage NFC for enhanced connectivity with smart phones.
  • LiPO charging section with power gauge - you can check the battery level from your sketches.
  • ON/OFF/RESET Power Control. You can switch on, switch off and reset the Tuino 1 all from 1 single button.
  • SD Card slot - fully compatinle with the Arduino SD library. Store your sensor data on SD card

Description :

This incredible Starter Dev Kit package includes:

  • The 'Tuino 1' Arduino UNO compatible board.
  • The 'GMX-LR1' LoRa Module EU868.
  • Temperature Sensor with Push button, Relay and OLED Display. (4 sensors/ actuators)
  • The SMA Antenna. 
  • NFC Antenna.
  • 1200mAh LiPO Battery.
  • Plexiglass.
  • Screws and Standoff Small Screwdriver. 

The fastest way to make you instantly productive with your first IoT application.

On GitHub you will find example projects that will quickly make you proficient with the Tuino 1 hardware and the cloud platform – for example build your HTML5 driven thermostat and control your home heating system from anywhere in the world.

Tuino 1 is the ultimate IOT development platform that will enable any DIY developer or R&D engineer to deliver even the most ambitious project. Tuino 1 is a powerful Arduino UNO compatible board, fitted with an AtMega 1284p that provides 128K Flash and 16Kb Ram giving enough space even for the most demanding application.

The 'GMX-LR1' is a LoRa Module included in this KIT is one of the possible RF-addons for out multiprotocol Tuino maker's IoT platform.

Fitted with on-board hardware add ons which include RTC, NFC, LiPO battery connector with charging and gauging circuit, an SD card slot, 4 Grove connectors and GMX bus extension. All this in the tiny form factor of the Arduino Uno. When adding one of the available GMX modules the Tuino 1 becomes an incredible IOT platform.

You can design your project with the flexibility of testing different RF technologies, with GMX RF modules available for LoRa, Wifi, BLE 4.2 ( and soon 5.0 ), ZigBee and coming 2Q2017 NBIoT The Tuino 1 has been designed by developers for developers: interrupt driven Radio RX interface, no more polling loops for receving data. An RTC module that can be programmed to generate regular intervals to wake up the CPU, and considering the huge amount of Flash and RAM, the possibility of having a real RTOS also on an Arduino platform. 

*Important* This Arduino compatible board (Tuino 1) requires IDE Software to be used.

Specifications :
Seller Gimasi SA
SKU 180-628
Manufacturer Part number TUINO1_LR1_KIT
Product Attributes Dev kit, Modules
RF Region EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
LoRa Class Class A, Class B
Solution Represented Other
RF power (dBm) 14
Battery type 12V input
Antenna External on connector
RF transceiver SX1276
Interfaces Ethernet
Depth (cm) 1
Width (cm) 5
Height (cm) 6
Technical datasheet
Lead-time if in Stock (in working days) 2
Technical documents
Seller conditions Seller commercial condition
Seller shipping condition
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