Twave Smove Motion & Vibration Sensor RN2483 EU868

SMOVE is a ready to use LoRaWAN accelero-meter for remote sensing of motions and vibrations. The compact enclosure holds all electronics including batteries and embedded antenna. The device has been engineered for Long range, Long battery life (4 years), and reliability. The device may be used in both indoor or harsh outdoor environments Other key features are acknowledged data transmissions, battery level monitoring and a regular ping.

This Motion and Vibration Sensor from Twave is highly compact, measuring at only 20 x 20 x 60mm. Thanks to its small size it can be attached easily and inconspicuously to doors, gates, fences etc.  SMOVE has a long range and uses the maximum output power available into an optimised antenna design. Connectivity is assured up to 10km.  This sensor can be used both indoors and outdoors, as it has a hard case enclosure that allows it to withstand temperature range of -20 degrees up to +50 degrees.

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Key features highlights :

*IMPORTANT*: KEYS ARE NOT INCLUDED - Please Read User Manual before purchasing.

  • Measure tilt, vibrations and motions  The device can be used to measure tilt in any direction, up to a resolution of less then 1 degree. This makes it possible to detect instable constructions fast. Motions and vibrations can also be succesfully monitored with a threshold of anywhere between zero to 2 Gauss. Data of the measured G-force after the threshold has been reached is uplinked usinging LoRaWAN.
  • Compact  - The device only measureds20x20x60mm…that is about the size of 2x AAA batteries and fits about 99% of the use cases. Due to its compactness smove can be attached unnoticed to doors, fences, …or why not put your smove in valuable items ?
  • Long range - Smove uses the maximum output power available into an optimized antenna design . Togheter with our embedded software settings connectivity is always ensured to a nearby gateway…even up to 10 km.
  • Long battery life- Smove has been engineered to consume as little power as possible when the device is not moving. Power consumption in this case is less then 14uA which ensures battery lifetimes of 5+ years. No need to switch batteries! Furthermore the batteries wil not deplete fast during frequent transmissions…since we guarantee 100.000+ transmissions from the same battery set. Thats correct! Each uplink of data also consists of battery status level…hence it is possible to monitor when batteries should be replaced.
  • Reliable- Smove is engineered to be extremely reliable. The device uses acknowledged transmissions ensuring motions above treshold will get uplinked with 99.9% succession rate. The firmware inside the device uses up to 7 retries making it suitable for critical safety applications
  • Indoor or outdoor use- The rugged enclosure with IP56 rating and extended temperature range of -20 degrees to +50 degrees makes it suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. Humidity sealed PCB’s are used to avoid condensation on the circuit board. Smove is therefore suitable to be used in rough conditions.
  • Plug and Play- Once you provide us the lora-keys, we will adjust them into the firmware prior to shipping. All that you need to do when you receive your device is to…insert the batteries…yes that simple!
  • CE Certified- Smove is CE certified which means it complies with all regulary constraints concerning Electromagnetic compatibility and Safety.

The device can be easily used as this sensor is considered a quick plug and play item in the IoT world. Testing for this device is easy to preform by simply following the useful indictaions of the LED batteries. For more information please see user manual below.

Description :

The applications with our LoraWAN accelerometer are almost endless. To get you inspired we name a few applications for which smove can be used:

  • VAULT GUARD:  Always worried when your travelling due to having a safe/vault at home with valuable cash ? Stop worrying now! Attach smove to the vault door and get instant notifications when it is being opened!
  • ANTI THEFT:  Insert or attach smoves to your valuable items. Get a notification when it is being moved (and thus being stolen). It is simply impossible for a thief to steal your items without you being unaware of immediately.
  • HANDLE WITH CARE: Some items should be handles with extreme caution. For example radio-active waste barrels. Attach smoves to the the barrels using out magnetic strip. When the barrels get dropped above a satety threshold, the reponsibile supervisor will get informed about this event and may inspect the barrel in question.
  • MAIL BOX (SNAIL MAIL) NOTIFIER: Always wondered if the postman already delivered? Checked your mailbox just to see there is no new mail yet ? We got the solution too! Attach smove to the moving lid of your mailbox and get instantly notified when you have new snail mail!
  • G-FORCE MONITORING:In some cases G-forces can be below a certain threshold in order for equipment or machinery to work safely. For example, smove could potentially attach to a rollercoaster cart to enable the safety personal to easily be informed when the coaster G-forces go out of specification
Specifications :
Seller Twave Technologies
Manufacturer Part number RN2483
Seller SKU Smove
Product Attributes Dev kit, Modules
Radio Frequency Band EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
LoRa Class Class A
Solution Represented Smart Cities, Smart Industries, Location & Asset Tracking, Home, Facilities Management
RF power (dBm) 14
Battery type Alkaline
Antenna Integrated
RF transceiver Other
Depth (cm) 2
Width (cm) 6
Height (cm) 2
Technical docs
Certification CE
Lead-time if backordered (in working days) 30
Is available for sale Yes
Lead-time if in Stock (in working days) 3
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