Decentlab LoRaWAN Dual T-Shape Point Dendrometer 830-3958 EU868

The ZN12-T-2 range of dendrometers are T-shaped with two sensors to be mounted on tree stems >7 cm in diameter. The two sensors allow measuring stem radius changes over bark and on the xylem in parallel. The frame is made out of one piece of carbon fibre (CFK) and is consequently combined with stainless steel elements (rods and nuts).

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Key features highlights :

  • No disturbances by deformations of the dead outermost layer of the bark, induced by temperature and air-humidity (a general argument in favour of point dendrometers and against band dendrometers).
  • Materials and electronic parts insensitive to temperature allow for more accurate measurements.
  • The spot of measurement is not influenced by the thread rods because it is neither in the vertical nor in the horizontal line of the anchor points.
  • The application to different stem expositions allows a spatial resolution of stem radius fluctuations. • Compatibility to most logging systems and easy to power with a stable 5V DC supply.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Minor disturbance of the tree stem.
  • Weatherproof materials.
  • Constructed, produced and tested by tree physiology experts in Switzerland.

Description :

Applicable stems: > 7 cm in diameter
Specialty: Can measure stem radius changes over bark and on xylem in parallel
Size of carbon fibre frame: 190 x 92 x 8 mm
Weight (with thread rods): 180 g
Frame: T-shaped carbon fibre frame, 3 stainless steel thread rods, 6 screw nuts, 6 washers, and 3 cap nuts
Displacement transducer: Two weather-proof (but not sealed) potentiometer for measuring in a m resolution
Hub of the moving rod: 2 cm

Specifications :
Seller Decentlab GmbH
Manufacturer name Decentlab GmbH
SKU 830-3958
Manufacturer Part number 4
Product Attributes Field test
Product Icons Device
RF Region EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
Solution Represented Smart Agriculture, Smart Industries
Power supply Non rechargeable battery
Battery type Alkaline
Antenna Integrated
Operating Temperature (min to max) -30 to 60 °C
Technical docs

Certification LoRa® Alliance, CE
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