ABEEWAY Industrial Tracker DEABE202-152EU EU868

Robust - Versatile - Precise

Keep track of your assets, improve safety and security, gather data to improve processes and efficiencies. Ideal tracking device for undustries, transport and logistics 

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Key features highlights :

Long autonomy:

  • Power: Non-rechargeable Battery 19Ah / 3.6V
  • Life span: 10 years at 20°C Standby mode, Up to 3 years on Movement detection (120 positions per day)

Multiple geolocation technologies:

  • GPS: Precise outdoor position (10-18m) 
  • Low power GPS: Fast Time To First Fix in outdoor and daylight indoor conditions (10 seconds vs. 1 minute for regular GPS), precision 15-30m
  • Wi-Fi: Position in indoor and urban area, 20-50m precision

Note: device provided with GPS only, delivered with payload decoder. WIFI and low power GPS are not available for one unit as it needs API access or compatible software. Please contact us for more information.  

Adaptable behaviour through various operating modes:

  • Motion Tracking: Real-time position when motion is detected
  • Permanent tracking: Regular interval real time position
  • Start/End motion tracking: Receive position messages during motion start and end events
  • Fix on demand: Obtain tracker position when needed (very low power operating mode)
  • Activity tracking: Monitor activity rate with embedded sensors

Additional features: 

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Embedded antennas

  • LoRa Class A radio

  • Dust-proof and powerful water jets - (IP66)

  • Firmware upgradable via micro-USB port 

  • Long battery life time


  • Europe: CE marked, LoRa Alliance EU868 certified, Orange LoRa® network certified
  • North America: FCC certified, LoRa Alliance US915 certification in progress
  • Asia: LoRa Alliance AS923 certified, Japan certification in progress 

Description :

The Abeeway Industrial Tracker is the most versatile device to protect your assets. Designed to withstand harsh environment combines high performance GPS and Wi-Fi receivers as well as a Semtech LoRa™ transceiver making it ideal for low-power industrial indoor and outdoor tracking applications. Improving operational efficiency is key for all businesses, the Abeeway Industrial Tracker tracks your inventory, your valuables, your live stock. It will deliver never available information about your supply chain and provide precise and accurate data to
help make informed decisions. An accelerometer detector associated with proprietary low power GPS technology extends significantly battery life time, reducing significantly the total cost of ownership. The Abeeway Industrial Tracker opens a whole new world of possibilities.


• Asset and vehicle tracking at fixed frequency updates or on demand
• Anti-theft; notify and locate when device is moving
• Activity monitoring
• Geofencing applications

Multi-technology geolocation:  alongside the regular GPS and WiFi, Abeeway offers its propriatory low power GPS technology to offer a "never seen before" autonomy, by deporting position calculations to the cloud. It allows to get a position in 10 secconds versus 1 minute for regular GPS, a better sensitivity (working even in bad conditions), and to increases up to 10 times the autonomy versus the GPS.

Abeeway offers a turnkey solution with high-perfomant hardware and firmware, and APIs to integrate in your own system. 

Specifications :
Manufacturer name Abeeway
Manufacturer Part number DEABE202-152EU
Product Attributes Geolocation
Radio Frequency Band EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
Solution Represented Smart Cities, Smart Industries, Location & Asset Tracking, Transportation, Smart Operations, Asset Tracking
Power supply Rechargeable battery
Battery type Lithium ion
Antenna Integrated
RF transceiver SX1272
Depth (cm) 145 mm
Width (cm) 76 mm
Height (cm) 42 mm
Certification LoRa® Alliance, CE, FCC, Orange LoRa®
Is available for sale Yes
Lead-time if in Stock (in working days) 15
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