inteliLIGHT® Basic Package Luminaire Controller FRE-220 US915

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Key features highlights :

  • Enables individual remote management of streetlight luminaries with electronic ballast up to 400W.
  • Specially designed and optimized for LoRaWAN™ networks.
  • Autonomous operation based on predefined schedules and light level sensor.
  • Package contains:
  • inteliLIGHT FRE-220 luminaire controller = 1 pc
  • 30W LED lamp, 0-10 V dimming interface = 1pc
  • Acces to inteliLIGHT StreetLight Control Software for 6 months
  • Remote technical support = 2 hours

Description :

inteliLIGHT® is a street lighting remote management solution that ensures that the right amount of light is provided where and when needed. In-depth grid management gives an accurate real-time feedback of any change occurring along the grid, reduces energy loss and offers advanced maintenance optimization tools. Using the existing infrastructure, you save money and transform the existing distribution level network into an intelligent infrastructure of the future.

inteliLIGHT® offers detailed electrical parameters and advanced analytic report tools to understand the trends, reduce energy loss, help improve lighting policies and increase street lighting overall satisfaction.

Street lighting operates autonomously, using smart scheduling algorithms based on astrological calendar, light level sensors or motion detectors – for any lamps with electronic or electromagnetic ballasts and also architectural lighting.

inteliLIGHT allows subsequent management of compatible sensors and IoT applications. Furthermore, it integrates with other city systems and smart city platforms through northbound and southbound API connectivity.

Malfunctions are reported in real time and automatic processes inform the maintenance teams about the ongoing problems with complete details, including necessary repairs, spare parts management and GPS coordinates.

Due to the lamp-level control, the street light networks managed by inteliLIGHT® are continuously under power. Therefore, there is a large array of sensors and applications that can be mounted on the lighting network. Security cameras, communication antennas, pollution sensors, noise detectors or traffic density sensors are just a few examples, we can adjust the system to suit your particular needs. The basic package contains one controller, one LED lamp with dimmable driver using 0-10V dimming interface and also access to inteliLIGHT Streetlight Control software for 6 Months.

Specifications :
Manufacturer name Flashnet SRL
Manufacturer Part number FRE-220
Product Attributes Street lighting
Radio Frequency Band US915 - US 902-928MHz
LoRa Class Class B
Other protocol LoRaWAN
Solution Represented Smart Cities
Battery specification (Wh) 0.69
RF power (dBm) 14 dBm
Antenna Integrated
RF transceiver SX1272
Interfaces Other
Depth (cm) 32
Width (cm) 26
Height (cm) 46
Technical docs
Certification Other
Is available for sale Yes
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