Decentlab LoRaWAN Soil Moisture, Temperature and Electrical Conductivity 830-4008 EU868

The GS3 measures water content, temperature, and EC independently. Its 70 MHz frequency minimizes salinity and textural effects, making it accurate in most soil or soilless media.

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Key features highlights :

The GS3 soil moisture, temperature, and EC sensor is built with an epoxy body and stainless steel needles. The internal circuitry is the same cutting edge design that you'll find in other Decagon soil moisture sensors, but the form factor has been optimized for use in soilless substrates or harsh environments, giving it a wider range of EC measurement and an increased temperature range. Not only do the steel needles improve sensor contact, but they also improve the sensor's ability to measure EC in porous substrates such as peat or perlite.

Description :

Decagon MPS-6
Cable length: 5 m

Soil water potential
Accuracy: ±(10 % +2 kPa) from -9 kPa to -100 kPa
Resolution: 0.1 kPa
Range: -9 to -100’000 kPa

Soil temperature
Accuracy: ±1 °C
Resolution: 0.1 °C
Range: -40 to 60 °C

Specifications :
Seller Decentlab GmbH
Manufacturer name Decentlab GmbH
Manufacturer Part number 15
Product Attributes Temperature
RF Region EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
Solution Represented Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities
Power supply Non rechargeable battery
Battery type Alkaline
Antenna Integrated
Operating Temperature (min to max) -30 to 60 °C
Depth (cm) 7
Width (cm) 13.5
Height (cm) 8
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Certification LoRa® Alliance, CE
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