IMST IoT DevKit for LoRa 409830 EU868

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Key features highlights :

-1 x LoRa Lite Gateway, consisting of the pre-certified concentrator iC880A, a RaspBerry PI, a pre-configured SD-card and a aluminum housing.
-1 x Demo-Board + iM880B
-1 x Mote II, consisting of radio module iM881A, sensors like accelerometer, altimeter, temperature and a GPS module.
-1 x WSA01 Arduino Shield
-3 x 868MHz Antennas
-1 x Power Plug Adapter
-2 x USB Cables
-1 x Programming Adapter
-1 x CD / USB Stick

Description :

With the IoT DevKit for LoRa you can easily build up your own end to end LoRaWAN application. The packets generated by a LoRaWAN End Device are received by the Lite Gateway, and are forwarded to the Loriot LoRaWAN network server. You can also choose other LoRaWAN network server like TTN. From there the information is sent to the myDevices / Cayenne server, where the user can control his IoT application. The free of charge Loriot account does not allow downlink messages. Please contact Loriot for further details.

1x LGW. The LGW is a full LoRaWAN Gateway supporting up to 10 receive channels in parallel. It contains a Raspberry PI, a pre-configured SD-card  and an aluminium housing.

1x Demo-Board + iM880B. This is one half of a SK-iM880B Starter Kit (SK-iM880B). It consists of an Adapter-Board with a soldered iM880B plugged on to a Demo-Board

1x Mote II (iM881A). The Mote II is a demonstration platform including iM881A. It is fitted with the low power, bidirectional radio module iM881A, sensors like accelerometer, altimeter, temperature and a GPS module.

1x WSA01. The WiMOD Shield is an expansion board that enables users of Arduino™ / Arduino-compatible boards to use WiMOD radio modules based on LoRa™ technology.

3x 868MHz antennas For LGW, the Demo-Board and the WSA01

1x Power Plug Adapter. For LGW

2x USB cables. For Demo-Board and Mote II

1x Programming Adapter. For programming the iM880B of the Demo Board via the SWD interface. (An external SWD Probe is required.)

1x CD / USB Stick. Includes all tools and the corresponding documentation

Specifications :
SKU 77-1565
Seller IMST GmbH
Manufacturer name IMST GmbH
Manufacturer Part number 409830
Seller SKU 409830
Product Attributes Dev kit, Field test, Gateway
Solution Represented Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities, Energy and Utilities, Health, Smart Industries, Location & Asset Tracking, Transportation, Home, Facilities Management, Other, Smart Operations, Smart Building, Smart Metering, Asset Tracking, Daily Life
Gateway Type Outdoor Gateway
Certification CE, LoRa® Alliance, RoHS
Width (cm) 10
Height (cm) 25
Depth (cm) 25
Lead-time if in Stock (in working days) 2
Lead-time if backordered (in working days) 100
Battery type 12V input
Antenna External on connector
RF transceiver SX1272, SX1276, SX1301
LoRa Class Class A, Class B
Interfaces RS232, I2C
Is available for sale Yes
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