Kerlink Ifemto Evolution LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway

The “Wirnet™ iFemtoCell” is the ideal gateway to support your smart city, smart building or every smart project that requests dedicated indoor coverage and/or network densification, providing both a unique superior coverage and operational excellence.

Select the platform depending on your use:

  • For proof of concept and non-commercial use, we recommend our cloud-based ThingPark Community platform which is free to use.  If you choose this option, the ThingPark team will pre-configure and provision your gateway(s) on the ThingPark Community platform. If you do not already have an account on this platform, the ThingPark team will create one for you, using your registered email address.
  • For commercial operation, we recommend using our ThingPark Enterprise SaaS production platform (TPE SaaS) or ThingPark Enterprise On-Premise platform (OCP). TPE SaaS is georedundant, fully managed 24*7 and provides SLAs. “ThingPark Enterprise (TPE) OCP is a full on-premise platform, available both in standalone or High-Availability deployment modes. To use TPE SaaS or TPE OCP, you need an active subscription. Use these options for commercial deployments and select the right region.
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Key features highlights :

  • Indoor LoRa® Gateway,
  • Ingress protection (IP30),
  • Supported unlicensed bands: 863-874.4MHz (EMEA, India), 902-928MHz (North America), 915-928MHz (APAC, Latin America),
  • Supported LoRaWAN® regional parameters: EU863-870, IN865-867, RU864-870, US902-928, AU915-928, AS923, KR920-923,
  • 8ch RX (125 kHz, multi Spreading Factor) + 1ch RX (250KHzor 500kHz, mono Spreading Factor) + 1ch RX (FSK) to get 10ch RX + 1ch TX,
  • Backhaul connectivity: Wi-Fi 2.4GHz and Ethernet (RJ45) + 3G/4G external dongle (in option),
  •  Powered by:
    • Power supply (230VAC/12VDC) with provided jack connector
    •  Uninterrupted power supply with 24h autonomy (accessory),
  • Highly secured device relying on a hardware secure core.

Description :

Based on LoRa® technology, this gateway is perfectly designed for indoor public network extension (additional coverage in buildings to densify public network availability and continuity of service) or for ad-hoc indoor private coverage, like manufacturing, logistics, or industrial sites requiring continuous connectivity for their IoT applications.

Available in most global unlicensed frequency bands (like ISM ones), this cost-effective gateway is proposed through a compact and full-featured casingEasy to configure, it offers multiple options for backhaul like Ethernet, WiFi, or WWAN.

Used as a hub to connect end devices, it can power various in-building enterprise applications like assets monitoring, energy consumption control, security enforcement, or any other operation-critical data collection in various environments (buildings, factories, industrial sites, farms, harbors, airports, mines…).

This LoRaWAN gateway leverages the same successful LoRa® RF technical design as its carrier-grade predecessor, the Wirnet Station, and offers high performance for very deep indoor coverage in demanding environments (basement, underground, parking, elevator shafts…) to connect energy meters, parking sensors or equipment actuators.

This long-range and low-power gateway offers 49 LoRa® demodulators over 9 channels and comes with exclusive features for its remote monitoring and management with Kerlink network operations solutions, the Wanesy Management Center.

The Wirnet iFemtoCell is also compatible with the Wanesy Small Private Network solution to deploy a standalone and self-operating LoRaWAN private network.

Key Differentiators:

  • High performance, reliability & robustness
  • Semtech Reference Design v1.5 components,
  • Integrated Wi-Fi antenna,
  • Built-in with high rejection filters.
  • Security HW and SW architecture
  • SecureBoot (Signed firmware),
  • SecureStorage (keys and certificates in the secured area) using ProvenCore™ solution,
  • Secured links and backhaul protection (OpenVPN/IPsec),
  • Reboot (watchdog) and recover to the previous Management config (or factory config if the boot issue is not fixed).

Easy Deployment:

  • Easy installation: Wall mounting by 2 oblong holes or lay on a table (4 domes),
  • Easy access to connectivity:
    — Ethernet 10/100 Mbps (RJ45),
    — WPS push button,
    — 3 programmable LEDs,
    - 1 LED (green/red) for Power status,
    - 1 LED (green/red) for Backhaul status,
    - 1 LED (green/red) for LoRa® RF activity Rx/Tx,
  • USB (Type A) connector for configuration,
  • SMA or RP-SMA for LoRa® antenna,
  • Reset button,
  • Simple and convenient configuration, management, control, and update via the Kerlink Wanesy™ Management Center (Alarm notifications, Firmware upgrade, platform statistics, RF statistics, RF spectrum analyzer...)
  • Remotely configurable, manageable, via intuitive Web GUI,
  • Remote access via SSH.

Optional backhaul as a service with Actility global SIM

Streamline delivery, installation, and operational processes with Ready-to-Use Pre-connected LoRaWAN gateways including backhaul connectivity powered by Actility global IoT SIM.

Pre-configured LoRaWAN gateways are ready for the plug-in, minimal-cost installation. However, due to IT security policies, it is increasingly difficult to use the existing LAN for backhaul IP connectivity. The perfect solution is to equip LoRaWAN gateways with our global IoT SIM: just ship to the customer site, and the private network will be immediately operational as soon as the gateway is plugged into the main power. 


  • The service is primarily restricted to LTE-only coverage. If you are in a region that has only 3G coverage, please contact us.
  • This service is restricted to LoRaWAN Gateways running ThingPark Network server
  • For the list of supported countries per region, visit here. Please get in touch with us if your country is not on the supported list.
Specifications :
Seller Actility
Manufacturer Name Kerlink
Manufacturer Part Number PDTIOT-IFE02
Seller SKU GWKLK1900
Gateway Type Indoor Gateway
Width (cm) 90
Height (cm) 160
Depth (cm) 35
Lead-time if in stock (in working days) 5
Lead-time if backordered (in working days) 15
Power Supply - Power supply (230VAC/12VDC) with provided jack connector 2.5mm/5.5mm, - Uninterrupted power supply with 24h autonomy (accessory),
LoRa Class Class A, Class C
Ingress protection IP30
Operating Temperature (Min to Max) -20°C +55°C, (for gateway only, without power supply)
Environmental conditions Humidity: 5% to 95%,
Technical Documents
Seller conditions Seller commercial condition
Seller shipping condition
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