Dnx GPS Tracker QliqLoRa Eu868

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Key features highlights :

- smart safety that provides users with instant SOS alarm, guardian contact, and GPS locationing all wrapped up in a fashionable watch

- keychain, bracelet and necklace also available

- connectivity via LoRa (no smartphone required)

- GPS including live path tracking and geo-fencing

- Intuitive and instant SOS function

- watch face can be white-labelled, and uses a standard 18mm strap

- comes with free user App and business-side server API

- micro-usb charger

- 1 year manufacturing warranty

Description :

Qliq is a fashionable, smart safety watch - primarily for women, children, lone persons, the vulnerable, and the elderly - that combines intuitive SOS along with handy lifestyle functions such as fitness, location monitoring, and instant messaging. By connecting to a LoRa network, the watch works independently of a smartphone, making ideal use-cases for children's safety and tracking, elderly care, and smart city applications. Qliq can also incorporate NFC payments for ultra-convenient transit and stored-value card transactions. Qliq comes with a free user app for both Android and iOS, and also a back-end server API for businesses.


GPS Location : Guardians always can see their device’s GPS location

Path Tracking : Guardians can see the moving path of their devices within 30 minutes when they request it on App.

Safezone Alerting : Guardians can know whenever their devices enter into or exit from the predefined zone.

Anti Loss : If you put the watch on your belongings or door, then set “lock’ on App or watch, the moving detection is activated.

Tell Time : move wrist to the normal viewing position. Staying LED is hour, blinking LED is nearest 5-minute segment.

Fitness : You can see how many steps the device’ s wearer walks every 5 minutes.

Transit Payments : NFC transit card is integrated and you can see your balance and payment or charging log on App. * only available in Korea. 

3 different Styles. (Body is all same)

1. Back wrist watch style : Black leather strap + Black body ( The time number is NOT PRINTED in top case but it is displayed by LED)

2. White wrist watch style : White leather strap + White body (The time number is PRINTED in top case and it is displayed with LED)

3. Key ring style : Key ring + White body (The time number is PRINTED in top case and it is displayed with LED)

Please send us which style you would like to receive when you order. If no comments, we will send you randomly.

ex) Black wrist watch 2ea + Whilte wrist watch 1ea + Key ring 1ea (total 4ea)

Specifications :
Seller DNX Co Ltd
SKU 88-2348
Manufacturer Part number Qliq LoRa
Seller SKU QL_LO_17_01_a
Product Attributes Geolocation
RF Region EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
LoRa Class Class A
Solution Represented Health, Location & Asset Tracking, Home, Other
RF transceiver SX1272
Depth (cm) 1.16
Width (cm) 4
Technical datasheet

To download the technical document, click here

To download the datasheet, click here

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Can it send the information to a LoRa private server?

Answer : Yes, If you want to use our device in private LoRa network, it can be done also. Thanks.

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