Milesight | AT101 LoRaWAN Outdoor Asset Tracker IP67 IK09

Milesight AT101 is an outdoor tracker with GNSS and Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning, tilt and temperature sensors, IP67 and IK09 ratings, and low power consumption. It can operate for over 15 years with twice-daily reports and can be remotely and visually managed by the Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud solution.

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Key features highlights :

  • Highly-Accurate GNSS Positioning
  • Cooperate with Wi-Fi Positioning
  • Support Geofencing for Asset Protection
  • Provide Motion/Periodic/Timing Modes
  • IP67 Rated for Harsh Environment
  • IK09 Rated Transceiver for Impact Resistance
  • Easy Configuration via NFC or Bluetooth
  • Over 15 Years Battery Life

Description :

Milesight AT101 is an exceptional outdoor tracker that utilizes GNSS and Wi-Fi AP MAC Address Scanning to provide highly accurate positioning data. Additionally, it has tilt and temperature sensors for more extensive data collection and application in various scenarios. The device is designed with IP67 and IK09 ratings to cater to different environments. AT101 collaborates with Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and mainstream LoRaWAN® network servers with low power consumption, allowing it to operate for over 15 years with twice-daily reports. By integrating with the Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and Milesight IoTCloudsolution, users can remotely and visually manage all sensor data.

The AT101 works with a mainstream LoRaWAN® network server and the Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway to provide low-power LoRaWAN® network servers, enabling it to run for more than 15 years with twice-daily reports. Utilizing the Milesight LoRaWAN® gateway and Milesight IoT Cloud for integration solution, customers may control all sensor data graphically and remotely.

This device is equipped with various sensors, including GPS, accelerometer, and temperature sensors, enabling precise location tracking, movement detection, and environmental monitoring. The AT101 is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as logistics, transportation, supply chain management, and equipment tracking. It provides real-time asset visibility, enhances security, and enables optimized asset utilization, making it an essential tool for businesses managing valuable assets.


Use cases:

  1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management: The AT101 can be used to track and monitor the movement of goods and shipments throughout the supply chain. It enables real-time visibility of assets, allowing businesses to optimize logistics operations, improve delivery accuracy, and streamline inventory management.

  2. Fleet Tracking and Management: The device can be installed in vehicles or fleets to track their location, speed, and status. This use case is valuable for transportation companies, rental car services, or any business that relies on a fleet of vehicles. It helps improve fleet efficiency, monitor driver behavior, and enhance asset security.

  3. Equipment and Asset Tracking: The AT101 is suitable for tracking valuable equipment or assets within a facility or across multiple locations. It provides real-time location information, reducing the risk of asset loss or theft. This use case is beneficial for industries such as construction, manufacturing, or healthcare where equipment tracking is critical for operational efficiency.

Specifications :
Seller Milesight
Manufacturer Name Milesight
SKU 1056-15838
Manufacturer Part Number AT101
LoRa Class Class A
Solution Represented Location & Asset Tracking, Transportation, Smart Operations, Asset Tracking, Daily Life
Power Supply Replaceable battery
Battery Specification (Wh) 4 × 2700 mAh ER14505 Li-SOCl2 Replaceable Batteries
Battery Type Lithium metal
Operating Temperature (Min to Max) -30°C ~ +70°C
Technical datasheet

Milesight AT101 LoRaWAN Outdoor Asset Tracker - Datasheet

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