Milesight Indoor Air Quality Kit

We spend up to 90% of our time inside, but how regularly do we think about the quality of the air we’re breathing? Unlike outdoor air, indoor air tends to be continuously recycled, causing it to trap pollutants and allow them to build up within these confined spaces.

From hardware to software, Milesight IAQ Kit provides a mix of products and services to enable safer and healthier facilities. It allows monitoring in real-time the concentration of CO2 to create a safer and healthier indoor environment, protect employees, workers or students, and meet air quality regulations levels.​

For detailed documentation and step-by-step setup instructions for this kit, refer to the Product Information/Technical documents section below.

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Key features highlights :

Create Excellent IAQ PoC in ONE Kit


  • Building staff is worried they face high operational expenses to maintain a good air quality system.
  • Building managers are frustrated since their building occupants experience adverse health effects that are apparently linked to the time they spend in their building.
  • Facility operators are anxious about the time they need to invest in monitoring their indoor air quality in a manual and often inefficient way.

Monitor your environment

  • Measure the indoor concentration of CO2 in an automatic manner and in real time.​
  • In an intuitive, precise, and plug-and-play monitoring solution.​
  • It interacts with humans and machines to understand the customer environment, context, and data qualifications.

Reinforce your health

  • Reduce your efforts and increase your well-being which is influenced by factors such as temperature and humidity, as well as air free of irritants, allergens, and unwelcome odors.

Maintain your business continuity

  • Plan and make quick adjustments on previously ignored problems, through automatic reports and analysis.

Our starter kit includes: 

1 x Milesight 3-in-1 IAQ Sensor AM103L

1 x Milesight 3-in-1 IAQ Sensor AM103

1 x Milesight 7-in-1 IAQ Sensor AM307

1 x Milesight 9-in-1 IAQ Sensor AM319

1 x Milesight Semi-Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway UG65

3 x Months subscription to ThingPark Enterprise SaaS service

3 x Months subscription to Akenza self-service IoT platform


1 hr. of application onboarding assistance service by Akenza

Description :

Bring in Green Air Online

Milesight All-star Devices & Turnkey Solutions for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

3-in-1 IAQ Sensor AM103/AM103L:

  • Light/Dark Display Mode
  • Itsy-bitsy & Eye-Catching
  • 2.13 Inch E-ink Screen
  • Vivid Emoticon Indication
  • Traffic Light Status Indicator
  • Anti-theft Design
  • Battery Powered up to 3 Years of Service Life

9/7-in-1 IAQ Sensor AM319/AM307:

  • Light/Dark Display Mode
  • Palm-Sized & All-round Capabilities
  • 4.2 Inch E-ink Screen
  • Vivid Emoticon Indication
  • Traffic Light Status Indicator & Buzzer
  • Anti-theft Design

Semi-Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway UG65:

  • Up to 2000 Nodes
  • Over 2 km Radio Communication Range
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi

Low-Power Wide-Area Networks for the Internet of Things Leader

ThingPark Enterprise is the leading LoRaWAN private networking solution that streamlines the digitalization of your business processes by connecting your most valuable assets with efficiency.

Deploying ThingPark Enterprise, you will benefit from a dependable, secure, and scalable private LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure to enable various IoT use cases. 

ThingPark Enterprise streamlines IoT network operations,  providing enterprises with a proficient UX to quickly build a multi-gateway LoRaWAN network and feed data to IoT applications. ThingPark Enterprise dashboards provide key operational insights & alarm management.

Your LPWAN gateways and devices are managed by a fully geo-redundant platform with 24/7 supervision.

Akenza: A Horizontal IoT Platform That Can Be Used in Different Verticals and for Many Use Cases.

Data Flows: Define your data processing chain in minutes

  • Data Flows allow you to create your data path instantly and without coding. Save valuable time by defining a generic data processing flow from the devices to the connectivity, through the data normalization, and towards your desired output application.

Device Connectors: Benefit from a wide range of data input sources and connectivity technologies

  • Profit from a vast offer of device connectors to support your project's different protocols and connectivity technologies. Thanks to the centralized connectivity management of akenza, you can manage your connectivity portfolio with minimal effort. The variety of available input sources ensures your solution stays adaptable and resilient to technological change.

Device Management: Supporting you in every phase of the device life cycle

  • Keep total control over all your assets at any time. A comprehensive set of features supports you in managing your device fleet at any scale.
  • Bulk Actions
  • Device Lifecycle Notifications
  • Asset Tags
  • Custom Fields


Specifications :
Seller Milesight
SKU 1056-14503
Product Attributes Dev kit
Product Capabilities Air humidity sensor, Air temperature sensor, Carbon dioxide (CO₂) Sensor
Other Protocol LoRaWAN
Solution Represented Health, Home
Use Case Air quality monitoring, Workplace management
Technical datasheet

How to integrate the IAQ Kit with Actility on akenza

Technical Documents

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