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Key features highlights :

Electric Parameters

Input power 2pcs 3.0V CR2450 button battery

Working power  DC +2.2V3.0V

Standby current 13uA/3.0V

Transmitting current (max) 120mA/3.0V

Receiving current (max) 11mA/3.0V


Frequency Parameters

Frequency range 410-525MHz


TX power   19dBmTypical

Rx sensitivity    -121dBm

(Frequency deviation=5kHz,Bit Rate=1.2kb/s)

Antenna type Build-in antenna

Communication rang   2kmTypical

Data transfer rate  1.2300kbps

Spread technique FSK/OOK


Physical Parameters

Main Body Dimension  57mm x 35mm x 15mm 

Sensor Dimension   43mm x 13mm x 12mm

Humidity   <95%RH

Working Temp.    -10°~ 50°C

Storage Temp.   -40°~ 85°C

Description :

Netvox water leak sensor R311W is a LoRaWAN device compatible with LoRaWAN protocol (ClassA). When the Z311W sensor detects the leak, it will send an alarm message to the gateway. When the sensor detects no leaks, it will send a message that shows no leak to the gateway.

LoRa Wireless Technology:

LoRa is a wireless communication technology dedicated to long distance and low power consumption. Compared with other communication methods, LoRa spread spectrum modulation method greatly increases to expand the communication distance. Widely used in long-distance, low-data wireless communications. For example, automatic meter reading, building automation equipment, wireless security systems, industrial monitoring. Main features include small size, low power consumption, transmission distance, anti-interference ability and so on.

 LoRaWAN: LoRaWAN uses LoRa technology to define end-to-end standard specifications to ensure interoperability between devices and gateways from different manufacturers. 

  • Use ultra low power consumption LoRa wireless network technology, battery life is longer, detector and sensor fission design.
  • Effectively prevent the effects of high humidity environment on the product.
  • High accuracy and sensitivity, good long-term stability, reliability, etc.
  • This product can be widely used in the basement, hotel room, water tower, pool, swimming pool etc detection of water level, leaking.

Specifications :
Seller netvox
SKU 114-1493-2
Manufacturer Part number R311W
RF Region US915 - US 902-928MHz
LoRa Class Class A
Solution Represented Smart Cities
Antenna Integrated
RF transceiver SX1276
Depth (cm) 1.5
Width (cm) 3.5
Height (cm) 5.7
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