PLNetworks specializes in development of wireless/wired technology within the IoT (Internet-of-Things) communication sector. We provide IoT modules, applications and gateways easily and quickly equipped in various vertical market segments, such as

  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Metering
  • Wireless Healthcare
  • Process and Building Control

PLNetworks develop market-driven products based on Know-How in optimization with proven technology. With strong partners in various areas including telco, device/network equipment vendors, chip providers, B2C channels, outsourcings, and government research, PLNetworks does a lot of IoT business. We want to provide you with a total solution that allows you to build your own IoT solution. Vistit www.plnetworks.co.kr

Business Profile

  • Creation year : 2015
  • Number employee : 11
  • Revenue : 10-20 M€

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