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Qubitro is a device data platform built for modern applications— we help companies solve real-world problems faster than ever. 

** The pricing is 2€ per device/month. Includes:

  • Connection to up to 100 devices
  • Creation of up to 5 projects
  • Creation of up to 10 dashboards
  • 3 months of data retention
  • Standard & community support

**Product Quantity represents the number of devices you want to connect**



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Description :


Qubitro Device Data Platform (DDP)


Qubitro is changing that by democratizing and simplifying device data management with a rich, simple-to-use, yet powerful, scalable, customizable, and future-ready device data platform.

Qubitro, is not “yet another IoT platform”, but rather the first platform built around and for device data: a Device Data Platform designed for tomorrow’s hyper-connected world that allows startups to build and scale more easily, enterprises to accelerate their digital transformation and solution providers to build and sell faster.


Key Features

The Qubitro Portal is your toolbox for all device data operations. It is your single pane of glass for collecting, processing, and activating your devices’ data with a seamless drag-and-drop experience.

For connecting devices and collecting their data, Qubitro enables seamless and codeless integration with various connectivity providers, including LoRa network servers and Cellular ones, such as TTS, Actility, LorIoT, 1NCE, Soracom, and more. Setting up these integrations is hassle-free and codeless: it just needs your credentials, and it takes care of the rest for you.

Qubitro also offers fully managed MQTT and HTTP connectivity, out of the box. There is no need for any additional third-party configurations.

Once devices are integrated and their data ingested, Qubitro stores it in a native time-series format and handles optimization, retention, and caching.

When it comes to management and analytics, Qubitro’s Functions offer an intuitive approach to managing and processing data according to different requirements.

Rule Functions allow users to design tailored logic, such as building alerts or communicating with external services in real time.

Decoder functions are specifically crafted for LoRaWAN integrations: You can create and use device templates for no-code data conversions.

Storage functions are a no-code and customizable integration to facilitate data pipeline construction with external data warehouses like Amazone Reshift, Snowflake, MongoDB Timeseires… They also allow pushing data to external MQTT brokers in real time.

Input functions are all about transforming device data either before storage on Qubitro or before sending it to external platforms.

In summary, Qubitro's product is a comprehensive platform offering a suite of functionalities, making IoT data management, storage, and processing both intuitive and efficient.


Deployment options

Because each use case comes with its own requirements, Qubitro can be deployed in different ways.

You can use Qubitro as a SaaS service, without having to install anything locally and choose your data storage location if you are an enterprise customer.

You can also opt for a dedicated cloud option for more resources and customization.


No-code connectivity integrations 

Qubitro allows its users to bulk device deployments with a few clicks.

Thanks to our partnership with Actility, users can now experience the no-code integration with ThingPark Console and Qubitro Portal.


Check the details from Qubitro source integration documentation.


Payload Formatters

Users can quickly write Javascript payload formatters, allowing them to create their own functions to encode or decode messages inside the Qubitro Portal.

Check the details from Qubitro decoder function documentation.


Enrich your application with Qubitro APIs

Qubitro allows you to develop and design your IoT project with custom APIs. This permits system integrators and IoT solutions makers to build complex structures for their customers without dealing with scalability and technical infrastructure.


Check the details from Qubitro APIs & SDK documentation.


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