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Qubitro is a device data platform built for modern applications— we help companies to solve real-world problems faster than ever. 

** The pricing is 2€ per device/month. Includes:

  • Connection to up to 100 devices
  • Creation of up to 5 projects
  • Creation of up to 10 dashboards
  • 3 months of data retention
  • Standard & community support

**Product Quantity represents the number of devices you want to connect**


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Description :

Device Data Fabric

Qubitro, a new-age device data platform, collects device data from multiple networks, including LoRaWAN network providers, MQTT connectivity, satellite network operators, and many others. And offer its users a complete toolkit, including managed storage, APIs, SDKs, and a no-code customizable dashboard to activate device data in their applications and IoT adoption strategy.


One platform. Boundless possibilities.

No-code connectivity integrations 

Qubitro allows its users to bulk device deployments with a few clicks.

Thanks to our partnership with Actility, users can now experience the no-code integration with ThingPark Console and Qubitro Portal.

Check the details from Qubitro Docs.


Payload Formatters

Users can quickly write Javascript payload formatters, allowing them to create their functions to encode or decode messages inside Qubitro Portal.

Check the details from Qubitro Docs.


Build and monitor any setup

With Qubitro's brand-new dashboard, users can easily create separate monitoring setups for different expositions with extensive widget types suitable for various use cases.

Read more on the Qubitro Blog.


Enrich your application with Qubitro APIs

Qubitro allows you to develop and design your IoT project with custom APIs. This permits system integrators and IoT solutions makers to build complex structures for their customers without dealing with scalability and technical infrastructure.

Check the details from Qubitro Docs.

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