Rejeee | LoRaWAN Water Leaking Sensor SL210EU

The Rejeee LoRaWAN Water Leaking Sensor SL210EU is a highly reliable and long-lasting water leak sensor designed for long-range and low-power operation. Built with Semtech SX1262/SX1268 technology, it offers an extended transmission range and exceptional battery life, with a built-in 5400mAh Li battery that can last up to 10 years.

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Key features highlights :

  • High-sensitivity water leak sensor
  • Type-C for Local Configuration
  • Internal Battery Up to 10 Years
  • LoRa SX1262/SX1268, Long Range Low Power
  • LoRaWAN Class A Compatible

Description :

Rejeee SL200 is a long-range low power water leak sensor based on Semtech SX1262/SX1268, with a built-in 5400mAh Li battery lasting up to 10 years. With an External Electrode Probe Sensor to ensure high reliability and long-term stability. It is widely used in various applications like smart agriculture, industrial environment monitoring, smart farm, etc. Can easily connect to TTN and Helium network.

Equipped with an External Electrode Probe Sensor, the SL210EU ensures high reliability and long-term stability in detecting water leaks. Its versatility makes it suitable for various applications, including smart agriculture, industrial environment monitoring, and smart farming.

The sensor seamlessly connects to The Things Network (TTN) and Helium network, enabling easy integration into existing IoT infrastructures. With its robust design, long battery life, and reliable performance, the Rejeee LoRaWAN Water Leaking Sensor SL210EU is an ideal solution for detecting and monitoring water leaks in a wide range of environments.


Use cases:

  1. Agriculture and Irrigation Systems: The sensor can be used in smart agriculture applications to monitor water levels in irrigation systems, ensuring optimal water usage and preventing overwatering or water shortages. It helps farmers make data-driven decisions for efficient irrigation management.

  2. Industrial Environment Monitoring: In industrial settings, the sensor can be installed in critical areas to monitor for water leaks, such as storage facilities, manufacturing plants, and server rooms. It helps prevent equipment damage, electrical hazards, and operational downtime caused by water-related incidents.

  3. Smart Farming: The sensor can be utilized in smart farming applications to monitor water tanks, reservoirs, and irrigation networks. It enables farmers to monitor water levels remotely and automate water replenishment processes for improved crop yield and water resource management.

Specifications :
Seller Jiangsu Rejeee Intelligent Technology., Ltd
Manufacturer Name Jiangsu Rejeee Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
SKU 1824-12246-4-2
Manufacturer Part Number SL210EU
Seller SKU SL210EU
Product Attributes Temperature
LoRa Class Class A
Other Protocol LoRaWAN
Solution Represented Energy and Utilities
Power Supply Non rechargeable battery
Battery Specification (Wh) 18Wh
Battery Type Lithium ion
Antenna External on connector
RF Transceiver SX1262
Operating Temperature (Min to Max) -45℃- +85℃
Depth (cm) 10.2
Width (cm) 6
Height (cm) 2.5
User Manual URL (Wysiwig Preferred)
Other technical documents
Lead-time if backordered (in working days) 7
Lead-time if in stock (in working days) 2
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3. Because built in battery, we need to send package to Hongkong first, so tracking number should be updated about 5 days later than package picked up from our factory.

Technical Documents

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