IMST SK-iM880B – Long Range Radio Starter Kit 404192 EU868

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Key features highlights :

Frequency range: SRD Band 863 to 870 MHz
Modulation: LoRa™ Spread-Spectrum
RF output power: up to +19 dBm (50Ω pad)
Receiver sensitivity:
-138 dBm (SF 12; SB 125 kHz, CR 4/6)
-134 dBm (SF 12; SB 250 kHz, CR 4/6)
-128 dBm (SF 12; SB 500 kHz, CR 4/6)
RF datarate:
-0.24 to 37.5 kbps
-250kbps FSK-modulation
RF range: up to 15000 m (line of sight)
Operating voltage: 2.4 V to 3.6 V
Current consumption:
-< 2.5 μA (Trx sleep, RTC running)
-11 mA (Rx)
-118 mA (Tx @ 3.0 V/ +19 dBm)
-RF (LoRa)
-Digital IOs
-Analog Inputs

Description :

The Starter Kit is a plug & play solution to explore the features and capabilities of the Long Range Radio module iM880B-L. The kit contains two demo boards and two radio modules soldered on specific adapter boards. The modules are pre-programmed with the Long Range Radio firmware.

The demo board is the basic platform of the Starter Kit and provides several functional units. These units include power supply, USB interface, and several input and output elements, such as push buttons, DIP switches, potentiometer, and LEDs. In addition all pads of the attached radio module can be accessed via pin connectors.

Connection between the radio module and the demo board is established via a module-specific adapter board. The radio module is soldered on the adapter board which is attached to the demo board through pin connectors. The adapter board also has a SMA jack connected to the RF output of the radio module, which can be used to connect an external antenna (or RF measuring and test equipment).
By using the adapter boards all WiMOD radio modules can be attached to the same demo board. In that way an easy comparison between the modules is achieved to determine which one is the best for a target product. The adapter boards including the appropriate radio modules can be ordered separately to expand the Starter Kit.

2x demo board
2x module specific adapter board
2x radio module soldered on the adapter board
2x external antenna
2x USB cable
1x Programmer adapter
4x battery

Application & Software

<li><a href="">Video-Training</a></li>
<li><a href="">RED/ROHS Document of Conformity</a></li>

Specifications :
Seller IMST GmbH
SKU 77-1303
Manufacturer Part number 404192
Seller SKU 404192
Product Attributes Dev kit
RF Region EU868 - Europe 863-870MHz
LoRa Class Class A, Class B
RF power (dBm) 19
Battery type Alkaline
Antenna External on connector
RF transceiver SX1272
Interfaces Ethernet
Other interfaces USB
Certification CE
Lead-time if backordered (in working days) 100
Is available for sale Yes
Lead-time if in Stock (in working days) 5
Technical documents

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