Gemtek Smart Parking Sensor WMDS-208

The Smart Parking Sensor uses magnetic field sensing to determine if a parking place is empty or occupied, using the LoRaWAN protocol standard for long-range wide-area deployments. It also has smartphone navigation software and wireless digital side road signs to provide better service and reduce fuel and air pollution.

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Key features highlights :

  • Parking space occupied notification
  • Wireless Frequency Band: 902 - 928 MHz ISM (Option support for European band 868 MHz
  • Low battery alert
  • Abnormal disassembly alert by G-sensor
  • Periodically update (keep-alive)
  • High sensitivity: down to -142dbm
  • IP68 waterproof
  • NCC, FCC, TELEC pending

Description :

This smart parking sensor uses magnetic field sensing to determine if a parking place is empty or occupied. It uses the LoRaWAN protocol standard for long-range wide-area (LPWAN) deployments for communication with the IoT AP/Gateway.
As fewer AP/Gateways are needed due to its extended range, high penetration, and high sensitivity characteristics, it is a considerably more cost-effective solution for service providers to deploy a smart parking system. Moreover, because of LoRaWAN's low power and star topology characteristics, it increases battery life compared to alternative systems.
The Smart Parking Sensor is a component of a Smart Parking System that also has a smartphone navigation software that directs users to available parking spaces close to their location.

The system also supports wireless digital side road signs that show the available parking spaces in a given parking lot or on a certain road in real-time.
Municipalities and parking lot owners provide much better service now thanks to the Smart Parking System. Along with saving fuel and air pollution, it also relieves drivers' frustration and time.



Use cases:

  1. Real-time Parking Availability: The Gemtek Smart Parking Sensor WMDS-208 can be installed in parking lots and garages to monitor parking space occupancy in real-time. This information can be relayed to a mobile app or a centralized system, allowing drivers to quickly find available parking spaces and reduce time spent searching for parking.

  2. Parking Space Management: The sensor enables parking lot operators to efficiently manage parking spaces. By monitoring the occupancy status, operators can identify underutilized areas and make informed decisions regarding space allocation and optimization. This helps maximize parking capacity, improve traffic flow, and enhance the overall parking experience for users.

  3. Parking Violation Detection: The WMDS-208 can detect unauthorized or improperly parked vehicles. When a vehicle occupies a parking space without proper authorization or violates parking regulations, the sensor can send alerts to enforcement personnel or parking management systems, enabling timely action to address violations and maintain parking compliance.

Specifications :
Seller Gemtek - GIoT
SKU 111-499
Manufacturer Part Number WMDS-208
Seller SKU WMDS-208
Product Attributes Parking
Product Capabilities Parking sensor
LoRa Class Class A, Class B
Solution Represented Smart Cities, Transportation, Facilities Management
RF Power (dBm) 18 dBm
Output throughput (mW) 500
Antenna Integrated
RF Transceiver SX1276
Interfaces Ethernet
Depth (cm) 5.3
Width (cm) 9.4
Height (cm) 9.4
Lead-time if backordered (in working days) 15
Lead-time if in stock (in working days) 10
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Hello. We need LoRaWAN parking sensors for European market. So do you support European band 868 MHz?

Answer : Hi Max, Thank you for your query. The Gemtek Smart Parking Sensor WMDS-208 EU868 is supporting the European Band 868 MHz. If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards,

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