Smartico GPS Beacon NB-IoT "BCN-NB"

The GPS Beacon NB-IoT “Smartico BCN-NB” is a device for geolocation and data transmission through NarrowBand networks. The device has built-in accelerometer, magnetic field sensor and temperature sensor.

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No engineering resources are currently spent to develop this product. This product is rather a concept. No user manual and datasheet are ready. Bill of materials needs to be written. Seller is open to discuss sales or co development opportunities to develop this product.

Key features highlights :

Monitoring and transmission of the following parameters:
• latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, direction;
• the presence of an external magnetic field;
• battery discharge;
• monitoring the performance of internal sensors;
• motion and fall detector;
Scheduled and event triggering;
Flexible configuration of operating modes and energy saving;
Request geoposition on command from the server;
Emergency tracking mode; 
The presence of built-in non-volatile memory, archiving, built-in real-time clock;
Data transmission in mobile networks using NB-IoT technology (Cat NB1, Bands: B1, B3, B5, B8, B20, B28).
High-level protocols support by customer's request: COAP, LWM2M, DTLS, MQTT
Possibility of positioning through the cellular base stations without using GPS;
Small dimensions;
Battery life up to 2 years.

Description :

The GPS Beacon NB-IoT “Smartico BCN-NB” is a device for geolocation and data transmission of the location and status of the device through NB-IoT networks. The device is equipped with a modern GPS-receiver, providing a high-quality signal even in dense urban areas. For motion detection, a sensitive accelerometer is built into the device, which allows optimizing energy consumption. The GPS beacon has a magnetic field sensor, which allows it to be used in various scenarios, for example, monitoring the location of the container and opening doors. The built-in temperature sensor allows you to track the temperature out of bounds during the transport of goods and foods. The device is powered by an internal battery and allows you to work up to several years offline.


 Compliance with LTE

Cat NB1

Frequency Bands

B1, B3, B5, B8, B20, B28

Data encryption


GPS receiver channels


Magnetic sensor




Temperature sensor


Archive of geopoints


Antenna Type


Ambient temperature, °C

-30 …+75°C

Built-in battery

Li-SOCl2 A

Battery capacity, mAh


Weight, g


Dimensions, WxDxH mm


Ingress protection


Specifications :
Seller Smartico, LLC
Manufacturer name Smartico
SKU 1689-11362
Manufacturer Part number BCN-NB
Product Attributes Geolocation, Temperature
Solution Represented Location & Asset Tracking, Transportation, Asset Tracking
Power supply Non rechargeable battery
Antenna Integrated
Sim card size select if applicable Nano SIM (8.8 x 12.3mm)
Operating Temperature (min to max) -30 …+75°C
Depth (cm) 8.0
Width (cm) 6.0
Height (cm) 3.0
Technical datasheet

Smartico GPS Beacon NB-IoT

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