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The Wireless M-BUS Reader LoRaWAN “Smartico WM-LR” is used for remote data collection from gas, water, electricity and heat meters via Wireless M-Bus interface and data transmission via LoRaWAN networks.

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Key features highlights :

  • Protection from external interference and the transmission of an alarm message to the server.
  • Built-in non-volatile memory, archiving, built-in real-time clock.
  • Monitoring and transmission of the additional parameters: The presence of an external magnetic field; Battery discharge; Monitoring the performance of internal sensors; Control of impacts and changes in position; Control of meters presence.
  • Working with several metering devices at the same time.
  • Network search and detection of metering devices.
  • Flexible configuration of a set of transmitted parameters from metering devices.
  • Data transmission in the unlicensed frequency range.
  • Exclusion of the human factor when taking data measurements from metering devices.
  • Available with an external antenna.
  • Small dimensions, easy installation.
  • Battery life is more than 10 years.

Description :

The device wireless M-BUS reader LoRaWAN “Smartico WM-LR” is used in various fields of industry, utilities and automation for remote data collection from gas, water, electricity and heat meters with the help of the Wireless M-Bus protocol and data transmission via LoRaWAN networks. Additionally, the device has an input for wired connection to the digital interface of Kamstrup meters as a standard. This input can also be used to count pulses. The design of the sensor in a waterproof housing allows external use. The sensor's compact size allows installation in confined spaces, and special adapters provide reliable mounting to a pipe or a flat surface without opening the case.


Use cases:

  1. Remote Meter Reading: Enable remote data collection from gas, water, electricity, and heat meters, streamlining utility billing processes.

  2. Industrial Process Control: Integrate WM-LR into industrial setups for monitoring and controlling process equipment, optimizing operational efficiency.

  3. Smart City Infrastructure: Implement WM-LR in smart city projects for accurate utility consumption data, aiding resource management and urban planning.

Specifications :
Seller Smartico, LLC
Manufacturer Name Smartico
SKU 1689-11233
Manufacturer Part Number WM-LR
Product Attributes Metering, Modems, Bridges
LoRa Class Class A
Other Protocol M-Bus
Solution Represented Smart Agriculture, Smart Cities, Energy and Utilities, Smart Industries, Facilities Management, Smart Operations, Smart Building, Smart Metering
Power Supply Non rechargeable battery
Battery Specification (Wh) 9000
Battery Type Lithium metal
Output throughput (mW) 25-100mW
Antenna Integrated
RF Transceiver SX1276
Interfaces Other
Other Interfaces Pulse input;
Wireless M-BUS
Operating Temperature (Min to Max) -30℃ ~ 75℃
Depth (cm) 10
Width (cm) 7.5
Height (cm) 3.5
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