Actility - Elsys Soil Moisture Monitoring Evaluation kit

Soil moisture plays a vital role in plant growth and provides nutrients. Therefore, it is important to detect the soil moisture content for the proper development of plants.

Monitor and optimize your water delivery for your crops 24/7. Whether you are on-site or off-site, a soil moisture monitoring system ensures you always keep your plants healthy by delivering the exact amount of water they need.

Our Soil Moisture Evaluation kit combines Elsys ELT-2 sensor technology to monitor ambient conditions, and Meter Teros 10 soil moisture sensor that measures soil water content. Both sensors are designed to withstand some of the harshest field conditions.

This kit includes all the necessary items needed to start your PoC, however you can scale up and add more options to fit your needs! 

For detailed documentation and step-by-step setup instructions for this kit, refer to the Product information/Technical documents section below.


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Key features highlights :

Precise control over the root zone environment leads to healthier crops and bigger yields!

Soil moisture and its availability to support plant growth is a primary factor in farm productivity. Too little moisture can result in yield loss and plant death. On the other hand, too many causes of root disease and water waste.

Water delivers any nutrients that are not tightly bound to the soil. Whether these nutrients are delivered through irrigation or other means, the movement of water within the soil determines how the nutrients are delivered to the plant’s roots. Therefore, good water management is important as such but also means optimal nutrient management.

Precise control over the root zone environment leads to healthier crops and bigger yields. The soil information can help you gain control over the root zone environment by taking measurements, observing trends over time, and using this information to make irrigation decisions. If applied correctly, this can significantly increase productivity and reduce cost.

Thanks to LoRaWAN technology, you minimize your investment by using long-range technology. A gateway covers up to 15 km2 in the countryside.

Soil Moisture kit Content

 1 x Elsys ELT-2

1 x Soil Moisture Meter Teros 10 sensor probe

1 x 3.6V AA Lithium battery

1 x ELT-2 Antenna 

1 x Ufispace community Indoor Gateway 

3 x Months subscription to WMW Soil Moisture Monitoring

3 x Months Access to ThingPark Community connectivity - up to 1 Gateway & 10 devices


1hr of technical assistance during the trial period

Add more sensors and accessories to your kit!

Description :

Get started in no time with our end-to-end solution

Elsys ELT-2 sensor

ELT-2 is a general LoRaWAN® device for measuring analog or digital signals. It is a 2-channel GPIO wireless transceiver and can also provide power to external sensors.

ELT-2 is enclosed in an IP67 box and is designed to be mounted outside. It is the ideal sensor for measuring in advanced places or extreme weather conditions. ELT-2 has the capacity of measuring with a remarkably long range.

  • Measures ambient temperature
  • Measures ambient humidity
  • Detects acceleration
  • Measures ambient atmospheric pressure

Meter TEROS 10 sensor probe

The new, ultra-robust TEROS 10 soil moisture sensor probe delivers scientific accuracy and reliability at a price that makes large sensor networks economically practical. Its 70-MHz frequency minimizes salinity and textural effects, making it accurate in most soil or soilless media. With a tough, epoxy body, the TEROS 10 is designed to withstand some of the harshest field conditions, which means problem-free measurements over the longevity of your research.

Ufispace ThingPark ready Indoor Gateway to create your LoRaWAN network in no time

This community-grade indoor gateway is the perfect solution to conveniently create a LoRaWAN coverage around your building. The gateway has an intuitive Web and application interface for easy installation.

It is shipped with ThingPark LRR software preinstalled and configured for ThingPark Community.

WMW: Professional Application to monitor your assets

Through the application, you'll be able to monitor the temperature, humidity, and moisture of the soil within a proven UI.

Historical graphs allow the user to see the trend and act upon it using the extended rules and notifications engine,

to gain full control of your fields, greenhouses, parks,...

This application can be combined with one of our +180 different ones to create a full smart environment.

ThingPark Community provides a dependable LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure to efficiently connect your Low-power IoT devices. 

ThingPark Community is the leading LoRaWAN private networking solution that streamlines the digitalization of your business processes by connecting your most valuable assets with efficiency.

Deploying ThingPark Community, you will benefit from a dependable, secure, and scalable private LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure to enable a wide variety of IoT use cases such as indoor/outdoor asset tracking while ensuring the power-efficiency needed to ensure solutions ROI. 

ThingPark Community streamlines IoT network operations,  providing enterprises with a proficient UX to easily build a multi-gateway LoRaWAN network and feed data to IoT applications. ThingPark Community dashboards provide key operational insights & alarm management.

Specifications :
Seller Actility
Manufacturer name WMW, Elsys
Product Attributes Metering
Product Capabilities Air humidity sensor, Air temperature sensor, Soil moisture sensor, Water Conductivity measurement
LoRa Class Class A, Class C
Solution Represented Smart Agriculture
Use Case Irrigation, Leaf wetness, Waterflow monitoring
Battery specification (Wh) 3.6V AA Lithium battery
Battery type Lithium ion
Antenna External on connector
Operating Temperature (min to max) –40 to 60 °C (85 °C with external power supply)
Technical documents

Seller conditions Seller commercial condition
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