STACKFORCE GmbH based in Heitersheim in Southwest Germany, is a specialist in embedded connectivity solutions for the Internet of Things that offers engineering, software and solutions for efficient and modular, safe and secure, wireless and wired communication based on Embedded Systems. Cornerstones of the activities are the development, customization and maintenance of software implementation for connecting embedded devices via wireless protocols, such as Wireless M-Bus (EN13757-4, OMS), SIGFOX, LoRaWAN, IPv6/6LoWPAN, DECT ULE and NB-IoT. Also communication and device security is a focus field, i.e. with regard to efficient encryption and identity management. All these activities are validated with a self-developed TTCN-3 based test framework. In addition STACKFORCE GmbH also provides consulting, development, training and support with regard to all flavors of embedded IoT networks. For more details please check out www.stackforce.de.

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